3 Easy Steps to Social Media Dominos for Bloggers

Here are 3 Easy Steps to Social Media Dominos for Bloggers that will save you time and give you a shotgun blast at some of the most popular social media marketing tools today. This is setup so all you have to do is go to your blogging software and post a blog once and it gets spread over all the major social media. So 1 post quadrupedals your efforts so you don’t have to copy and paste links from one blog to your facebook page to your Twitter to your linkedin etc.


Step 1 Blog to Facebook Page

DBL07-Social Media Marketing Dominoes Blogger Facebook Pages Business

Blogger – FB Page/FB



Step 2 Facebook Pages to Linkedin

Facebook Linkedin



Step 3 Linkedin to Twitter

Social Media Marketing Linkedin Twitter


WordPress.org Blog to Facebook Page

DBL07 Social Media Dominos WordPress Blog to Facebook Page

Here are a few other helpful Blog Recipes

WordPress.org to WordPress.com Post

wordpress.org convert wordpress.com