5 Date Night Ideas You Haven’t Tried

date night ideasI met my wife at freshman orientation for college and we started hanging out as friends then we started dating officially after a few months.  That was 27 years ago and we have had a lot of dates in between so I thought I would share a few fun ideas to keep your dating your spouse fun and fresh. These are a variety of things we have done that vary in time and $$$ so you should be able to find a few that fit.

1 Dog Bowl Adventures – Time Needed 1 Day – Cost $

My wife got Teddy when our baby went to college a few years ago and so now we have a new baby to take with us on dates.  So I came up with Dog Bowl Adventures by taking Teddy’s collapsible water bowl and using it as our pot to draw from.

Here is how you play:

Go to google maps​ zoom out so you can see your entire state and the one next to you. Now write down all the cities on a piece of paper that are within a 2 hr radius from where you live. Some big, some small towns mix things up with places you have been or never been to before. Now cut paper into a small strip for each city and place in the dog bowl.

Now this is where things get controversial. (at least at my house :)  The way the game, that I invented, is “supposed” to be played, is you wake up Saturday am, get dressed, go to dog bowl close your eyes and reach in and grab a city, hop in the car and begin your adventure for the day.

To me that is fun! Surprise, adventure, not knowing what is next or what you will find. However, some people don’t like surprise as much, they like to plan and know a little in advance, so just draw a city the night before then they have some time to look up things to do in that city.

One other rule to this game is you can’t eat at a chain food restaurant, you have to eat local. So we rely on Tripadvisor​ or google reviews to find those unique eating experiences that each city has to offer.

The fun thing about this is you don’t have to book hotel or spend a lot of $$$ on gas or food and every date is unique.  We visit local shops, parks as we explore each city and sometimes we cheat and use Tripadvisor to look up “Things to do” if we get to a city and can’t find anything.

 #2 Deluxe Drive In Movie – Time 6 hrs ish – Cost $$

​This is one I like to do as a surprise, but it takes a lot of planning on my part but totally worth it! Ask spouse if they want to go to the movies this weekend, of course they will say yes, and tell them you will pick them up at 6. They will look confused, because you live in the same house, why would you need to “pick them up”?? Just tell them you want to go old school, like when you first started dating. DON’T tell them you are going to a drive in!

Okay now the fun begins!

1. Find a Drive In Movie theater near you, here is a website to help I found: http://www.driveinmovie.com/search

2. Rent a Uhaul 10ft truck​ the afternoon you are to go to movies.

3. Take afternoon off, go to your house and pack your living room into the back of the u haul. Set up the living room so couch is facing out the back of the truck and don’t forget accessories like rug, plants, coffee tables etc. You can go nuts and hang pictures on the wall, put some battery powered leds on ceiling with clear packing tape or just in a bowl. Park the Uhaul a few doors down at a neighbors house.

4. Get some flowers at walmart or some place cheap, she won’t care where you got them from, so when you show up in a u haul for a date she will be somewhat disarmed.

​5. Park somewhere near back row so you don’t block anyone’s view with your big truck AND if you want to make out like you did when you first met, you can! :) Open her door, escort her to back of truck, open and you will probably have to put things back together unless you ducktape things in place. Make sure your date is comfy and go grab some popcorn and drinks and enjoy the show!

#3 Random Thursday Skeeball – Time 2hrs – $

​It’s Thursday, you typically come home from work, one of you cooks while the other one falls asleep on the couch, then you watch something on TV go to bed just like you did everyday this week.  Well mix it up every now and then with a random date night! It’s not Friday, not aniversary, not some other day Hallmark says we need to go on a date, it’s just a Thursday.

So when your spouse gets home from work, ask if they want to go with you on a quick errand? Then find a place nearby like Dave & Busters​ and go split an appetizer and play some Skeeball or Mario Kart and just have fun together for an hour taking turns picking games. It is usually not crowded on a weeknight so you can be a big kid like Tom Hanks in…Big.

#4 Cheap Expensive Date – Time – 2hrs – $$

Find one of the best restaurants in town with the best food and best views. You know, the one that cost $150 last time you went there for a dinner for 2! Now book reservations for sunset if you have a place with a view.  Get dressed up for a nice swanky place, you know a suit and her black dress. Now go to dinner and order drinks and split a desert.  You can get out for around $30, just make sure to Tip waiter well! Then you can go to taco bell and get dinner ;)

#5 Ride ALL the rides at the ALL the Disney Parks around the world ​for Free!

​Now I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have that kind of money$!$!$!” Neither do I, but it is on my bucket list. So here is a fun thing to do together one evening. Pop some popcorn, move couch in front of TV like you are on the rides.  Now Go to youtube and search for your favorite rides  “pirates of the caribbean ride at disney world​”

Then you can see what the ride is like at WDW in FL and then hop on the ride in Disneyland California and then get nuts and travel to Shanghai Disneyland to ride the newest and coolest version.

Or you can pick a park and look at the Disney Park Maps​ for what rides are at each park so you know what to search for.  Have fun, put your hands up and act like you are on the ride together without the crazy lines!​

Here is a good youtube channel to start with https://www.youtube.com/user/SocalAttractions360/videos​​

Have FUN Together and as Frank Sinatra says “The Best is Yet to come!”

Matthew Rings