Feel free to copy this and send to your customers, just tweak the link below to take them to your site.

How to leave a Google Review

  1. You have to have a gmail account to leave a review, don’t panic it only takes 30 seconds to create one. Click Here To Get Started
  2. Once you are logged in to your gmail account Open Google Maps
  3. Search for a business.
  4. On the card that appears below the search box, click Write a review.
  5. In the window that appears, click the stars to score a place and write a review.

How to provide a direct link to Google My Business review box for desktop/laptop browsers

The direct link is a very useful and simple process. Simply add ?hl=en&review=1 at the end of your Google My Business page URL.

This can be used with any URL that directs to your Google My Business page. Examples:

How To Leave Google Reviews On A Mobile Phone

Logging In To Leave A Google Review On Mobile

The Google Maps App is available on Android and Apple devices and works pretty much the same way on both. The key is the user MUST be logged into their Google account via the app in order to leave a review.
Here’s a quick tutorial on how to actually login to the app (because it’s not readily apparent on the screen)

First, locate the app on the screen –

Google mobile reviews

Once in the app, look for the 3 parallel lines (called the “hotdog icon”) in the lower left and press them to open the admin portion of the app. Note: if you have sausage fingers like I do, this is not an easy task.

Google Mobile login

Inside the admin area, press the “settings” option to get to the login screen.
IMPORTANT Side note: This is also where you can program your “work” and “home” addresses. These are good for general use of the app, but it is my belief that these send very strong signals as to where you as a user are more “influential” and why. (my next blog post will talk about this – stay tuned!)

Google Mobile reviews login

You log in at the top. My advice is to use the same Google ID that you use for Google Plus. In the screenshot below I am already logged in. You can also toggle between multiple Google accounts here if you so choose.

google mobile login

Now that you are logged in, its time to take yourself down to a local business where you can actually leave an authoritative review. I’m going to search for “Starbucks Naperville” in this example. I happened to be at our office in downtown Naperville when I went through this exercise. Being as this is indeed Naperville, there are like 79 Starbucks locations within a 5 mile radius… I chose one that affords me a nice little walk to get some fresh air. (the blue dot is my current location, and the red teardrop is my Starbucks destination – and that little tiny red dot just by the blue dot – that is where I geo-coded my “work” into the app)

google maps app search

google maps location

Google Local Predictions – The Power of Cards

Now I’m going to take minute here and make a few predictions (most of you just look at the pictures in these posts anyway, but for those who actually read…). You’ve seen the large, improved Google local listing cards that are showing up in search results when people search your brand, but what you see now is just the very beginning. Those cards are becoming hubs that collect all the interactions that users have with your business. (read that sentence again and let it bake in a bit) Reviews displaying on these cards is only one small feature – but it’s an important one.

In my opinion, Google much prefers reviews generated via mobile over those from desktops. Reason being is that a mobile device tells Google that you truly are (or have recently been to) the business you are reviewing – making the review more trustworthy. In addition, with the recent advent of the Google City Experts program, it signals to me that TRUSTED user generated reviews will very soon be used for a lot more than just pretty orange stars in search results:: they will be shared experiences. These reviews will be used as ranking factors, and may already be in some cases. (Bill Slawski elaborates in a blog post about reviews and driving directions as ranking factors)

Back to the tutorial – here I am at the Starbucks.
Here’s what the listing looks like on my phone.

google mobile review

To find the reviews, just scroll down and as long as you are logged in, you will see the option to leave a review. Press a star and up will pop your keyboard to begin typing. When completed, you review will appear not only in mobile, but on that business’ Google Plus Local listing. Many times, if their listing is not fully upgraded, it will still appear on their old places page.

8 google mobile review

google reviews

google local reviews
Couple things to notice:
1) See the “add a photo” option? That is something that I have been heavily experimenting with. I am learning a lot about what those photos can actually do and will be posting about it later this week!

2) When you leave a review, please leave a helpful one. It’s important because Google actually ranks the reviews based on two factors:
(a) Top reviewers – typically based on those who actually live in the area and are “known” to be authorities in that area.
(b) Number of words written. Content is king, even in reviews my friends! I try to leave some sort of special tip if I can – I want my reviews to be unique and insightful. I don’t always succeed at this as sometimes I am in a hurry – but it’s best to do what you can to be engaging and helpful.

3) There is also an option to “edit your review.” This is important for business owners. If someone leaves you a negative review, and you are able to work with them to resolve the issue, you could ask them to update the review to reflect the superior service you provided.

5 Easy Steps to leave a Google Review