5 Fun things To Do While You Are Stuck at Home

I thought I would share some of the fun things we do together in hopes of giving you a few ideas to make some memories.

disney family games

​1. Play Vintage Board Games – I’m a sucker for vintage board games and the fun we had as kids, but thanks to ebay I’m finding out my parents TOTALLY shafted me on some amazing games!  This year I got everyone their own vintage Disney board game like Disneyland, 1972 VISIT TO WALT DISNEY WORLD MAGIC KINGDOM BOARD GAME​, Euro Disneyland, and 1975 Haunted Mansion Game.  

2. If you want to play some other fun games together here is a website with a bazillion fun family games. http://www.onionringsstudios.com

Spend a few hours laughing together.

3. Ride all the rides at the ALL the Disney Parks! Now I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have that kind of money$!$!$!” Neither do I, but it is on my bucket list. So here is a fun thing to do together together and save $100,000. Pop some popcorn, move couches in front of TV like you are on the rides and become your own imagineer​!  Now Go to youtube and search for your favorite rides  “pirates of the caribbean ride at disney world​” or click on the park you want to visit below.  You can see what the ride is like at WDW in FL and then hop on the ride in Disneyland and then get nuts and travel to Shanghai Disneyland to ride the newest and coolest version. Have fun and act like you are on the ride together without the crazy lines!​

How Many Disneylands Are There Around The World?

There are twelve Disney parks in the world across six different resorts in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and China with a total of twelve parks.


Disneyland Rides

Disney California Adventure Park Rides


Magic Kingdom Rides

Epcot Rides

Hollywood Studios Rides

Animal Kingdom Rides

disneyland paris rides

Disneyland Paris Rides

Walt Disney Studios Park

hong kong disneyland rides

Hong Kong Disneyland Rides

tokyo Disney rides

Tokyo Disneyland Rides

Tokyo DisneySea Rides

Shanghai Disneyland Rides

4. Put together a puzzle that has something fun your kids like on it, maybe get a custom one created with a goofy family photo.

5. LEGOS Everyone loves legos! I’ve been to Haiti many times and everytime I go I bring legos to give to kids and it’s so fun to watch their imaginations come to life and they learn to build and follow instructions.  So I love to dump a big box of legos on the floor and just hang out with my girls and free build whatever! Yes it drives my wife nuts, but we PROMISE we will clean it up when we are done. :)

We have a limited time together on this great big dirtball called Earth, so slow down, take some time and have fun together and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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