6 Steps to Get PR9 Backlinks From Amazon

Amazon.com product reviews do not allow for HTML code, so it is hard to link directly to an external website to get a backlink. Although you can insert the plain website address into the body text of the product review, it may be rejected by Amazon.com for violating its reviewing writing policies. A better way to generate a backlink and receive traffic from Amazon.com to your website is by creating a public community profile and writing quality reviews that accurately portray the product. If a person who reads the review likes what you said, he may click your profile name and go to your website.

Step 1
Go to amazon.com, then click the “Your Account” link near the upper right corner of the main page and sign in to your Amazon.com account.

Step 2
Go to the “Personalization” section down at the bottom of the page and click the “Your Public Profile” link. It is listed under the “Community” column in that section.

Step 3
Click the “Edit Your Profile” button at the top right side of the profile page. Go to the left-hand column and fill in as much as the details as possible to fill out your profile. Providing personal details about yourself helps to built trust and get Amazon.com users to your website.

Step 4
Go to the “Web Page” field on the left-hand sidebar and type the full website address, including the “http://” prefix. When done, click the “Save Your Profile” button at the top of the page.

Step 5
Browse the Amazon.com website for past purchases or products you own and write a review. Go to the “Customer Reviews” section on the product page and click the “Create Your Own Review” button to begin writing the review.

Step 6
Click the “Preview Your Review” button to see what your review will look like when published on the site. If you would like to make changes, click the “Edit” button. Otherwise, click the “Publish Review” button to submit the review for approval.

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