7 Things Snow White Can Teach You About Your Business


A friend of mine, Ryan Long, wrote a great song called Snow White which tells the beautiful story of a little girl at her 1st trip to Walt Disney World to meet Snow White.

She said “Daddy, I cannot see
Is she coming? Tell me, tell me!
Snow White and her magic palace ride.”

I said “Rebecca wait patiently,
She’ll be here soon, believe me.
I’m your daddy, I would not tell a lie.”

Well the tears just stopped, and she raised her hands
Started jumping around, like she was made to dance
And she was singing..

I cannot wait, for Snow White to come by
This day must be the very best day of my life
I cannot wait, for Snow White to come by
This day must be the very best day of my life.


“Be Our Guest” is the experience every business owner wants for their customers.

"Imagine" If...

“… when you found Snow White, she spins around to meet the child; she glares at the kids and barks ‘I don’t want to be bothered!’ To make things even worse Snow White has a cigarette dangling from her lip and her wig is pushed way back on her head and her dress is wrinkled and dirty.  At this point, what do you think the effect on the kids is going to be?”

Van France, The founder of Disney University, tells this great story about Snow White and how damaged a child would be meeting her for the first time.  A different experience than the one my friend Ryan paints and what Walt Disney originally created for his guest!

snow white smoking

Now think about your business.  What image are people seeing of your business the first time they see you?

As we transition to Tomorrowland and the digital age, your first chance at a friendly greeting has evolved from the storefront counter to your online presence. Far too many organizations struggle with a friendly first greeting!  If your website is more like ugly Snow White, then instead of converting a new customer to closed business , your web site is actually driving away potential customers and hurting your business!

What Snow White And Her Seven Dwarfs Can Teach You About Your Business

the seven dwarfs

Here are a 7 essential questions every business owner needs to ask about their online presence to see witch (see what I did there?) Snow White your business is more like?

  1. Are the colors on your website bright red or neon making people Grumpy when they look at it? Which then makes them bounce off your site to your competitor.
  2. Are you thinking about how to adapt your business/product with the evolving technology to reach your customers or are you being Dopey and think Social Media is just a passing fad?
  3. Or maybe you’re being Bashful about social media marketing because you don’t know what you’re doing.  Then hire someone, anyone, get you teenage kid to run your instagram or pinterest, just get some help!
  4. Does the content of your website bore people to death and make them Sleepy? Think about your target audience, and what are some fun ways to communicate what you do.  If you’re not the not the creative type, see rule #3.
  5. How does your content make people feel? Does your FB, Blog, Twitter post spark emotion? Does it make people Happy? If so, according to Jonah Berger’s book Contagious – Why Things Catch On or (why things go viral) One of the keys is Emotion.  Kittens make people happy and that is why they took over the web!
  6. I’ve seen a lot of business owners struggle to try and run their business while they build their business and then try to build their own website.  The result is frustration and a product that resembles Van France’s caricature of Snow White!  I taught my daughters this important lesson that “Daddy can fix ANYTHING…EXCEPT little girls hair!” For the life of me, I could never make even a ponytail, but I could rebuild a carburetor or computer.  So I did what was best for everyone, and I called in a professional who knew what they were doing.  Your website may need a Doc to fix your busted up online presence.
  7. Have you ever heard the phrase “If you sneeze you’ll miss it!” Is that true about your website? Can they find it on a Google search? If your business web presence isn’t on the first 3 pages (and I’m being generous) your customer is going to miss it. So Sneezy, how are you driving traffic to your business?

These are key questions you have to address in this digital marketplace to maintain a great user experience for your business and your “Guests” AKA, customers.

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