Are you Lonely and Need Some Social Media Robot Friends to Share your Content?

Social Media DominosWhether you use Onlywire or Syndwire or you can manually set up social media signals FOR FREE with Setup 4-10 social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, google, blogger, Pinterest, Instagram, wordpress etc. I know it sounds like a pain in the butt, and you can get a guy on Fiverr to do it for you. (TOTALLY worth it!) or you can use SEO Superstar to do a Syndwire Blast if you are super lazy!

  1. Use separate emails to set up an IFTTT account for each new “Robot” person.
  2. Next Add Services ie social media accounts. (It’s best if you open new browser, clear cache, then login to each one in a new Tab so when you go to Add Services it will be easy 1 click authenticate for IFTTT) Then “Rinse and Repeat” for each account
  3. Now add the Applets aka recipes below

There are 2 ways you can get everyone to connect, that I have found easiest. 1 When creating all the different profiles in IFTTT keep 1 consistent launching social media tool the same for all accounts. For example if I want use Twitter as 1st Domino, then for all IFTTT accounts I have the same Twitter account but all the other social media accounts are different. The 2nd way is using the Retweet from Specific users and this is where things begin to get crazy “Infinity Mirror” So you can setup as many of theses retweets as you want. So If I create 10 twitter accounts, and inside each profile in IFTTT I create a retweet from @dbl07consulting and then do the same for the other 9 twitter accounts then all the “Robot” friends are sharing and retweeting each other post, sending links to blog post and facebook pages basically into infinity until you break the interwebs all from 1 tweet with a #

social media dominos

Here are some links to my favorites, just login to your IFTTT account click below, add Applet customize and let the Party get started!

Here is a google doc with all my Favorite Applets