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5 Best Uses of your limited time together this Christmas

Every Christmas we get 2 weeks to spend time with our daughters as they're out of school​ for Christmas break.  So I thought I'd share some of the fun things we do together in hopes of giving you a few ideas to make some memories that'll last beyond the toy’s battery life. 🙂

1. Play Vintage Board Games – I’m a sucker for vintage board games and the fun we'd as kids. Thanks to ebay I’m finding out my parents TOTALLY shafted me on some amazing games!  This year I got everyone their own vintage Disney boardgame like Disneyland, 1972 VISIT TO WALT DISNEY WORLD MAGIC KINGDOM BOARD GAME​, Euro Disneyland, and 1975 Haunted Mansion Game.  

​So it’s a cheap way to visit some of the Disney parks we haven’t all been to together If you want to play some other fun games together here is a website with a bazillion fun family games. http://www.onionringsstudios.c…

Spend a few hours laughing together. (They always team up against me btw!)

Which leads to #2​

2. Ride all the rides at the ALL the Disney Parks! Now I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have that kind of money$!$!$!” Neither do I. It's on my bucket list. So here is a fun thing to do together one evening. Pop some popcorn, move couches in front of TV like you're on the rides and become your own imagineer​!  Now Go to youtube and search for your favorite rides  “pirates of the caribbean ride at disney world​”

Then you can see what the ride is like at WDW in FL and then hop on the ride in Disneyland and then get nuts and travel to Shanghai Disneyland to ride the newest and coolest version.

Or you can pick a park and look at all the Disney Park Maps​ for what rides are at each park so you know what to search for.  Have fun and act like you're on the ride together without the crazy lines!​

3. Put together a puzzle that's something fun your kids like on it, maybe get a custom one created with a goofy family photo.

4. LEGOS Everyone loves legos! I’ve been to Haiti many times and everytime I go I bring legos to give to kids and it’s so fun to watch their imaginations come to life and they learn to build and follow instructions.  So I love to dump a big box of legos on the floor and just hang out with my girls and free build whatever! Yes it drives my wife nuts. We PROMISE we'll clean it up when we're done. 🙂

5. PJ Drink and Drive By –​ everyone puts on PJ’s and we make hot chocolate and cookies and drive around looking at lights. You could go by Chick-fil-a and order both. If you really want to make a memory go inside in your PJ’s to order and enjoy the crazy looks!

we've a limited time together on this great big dirtball called Earth. Slow down, take some time and have fun together and make memories that'll last a lifetime!

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