Learning about the best practices to be followed in SEO is not enough as we should also be aware of the unethical spam techniques doing the rounds in the industry, so as to refrain from them while using SEO techniques. These spam techniques (also called Black Hat SEO techniques) are a set of unethical strategies which are employed to gain higher positions in search engine rankings. They are called Black Hat because they are considered to be plainly illegal by most of the search engines and among the SEO communities around the world.

These techniques are employed to gain much faster results and actually work for a very short period of time. Many a websites have reached the top of SERPS (Search engine results pages) within as less as a couple of days of using these techniques. Any try to trick search engines such as Google, yahoo or ask will be considered as SEO spam and if detected by the search engines might result in banning of the sites from their respective indexes for a long period of time. And in these cases it is very difficult to get back on board if ever possible. It is very difficult to get re-indexed once caught using black hat SEO techniques and involves risking your website, domain name and the whole internet business.

Following are some of the techniques that must be avoided in On-Page Optimization.

Keyword Stuffing: this includes using a huge number of the most searched keywords in your content over and over again with not even a comma to separate them. These pages are usually useless, contains no helpful information and viewers are annoyed as well as shocked when they see the webpage. Search Engines now a day have complex algorithms to find out if the keywords are relevant to the content or just stuffed for ranking purpose and are penalizing those practicing this method.

Meta Tag Stuffing: this practice includes using repeated and irrelevant keywords in the Meta description of a website and using multiple title tags in HTML code purely for tricking purpose.

Hidden Text or Invisible Text: once again the keywords are stuffed in the webpage but this time they trick the viewers as the color of the keywords will be same as that of background. So that it will be seen by the web crawlers (spiders) but will remain invisible to human beings. Other techniques recruited are using extremely tiny fonts, hiding the keywords in HTML codes (the likes of no frame sections or no script sections). This technique helped in gaining higher ranks but it does not works any more as the Search engines have become more intelligent now a days.

Doorway Pages: it is once again a thing that the end user will never see, it is a fake poor quality page created specifically to obtain higher ranks for particular keywords. Their only aim is to trick the Search Engines into ranking the page higher up in their indexes. They usually don