The site that has just launched offers several media services for the Aspiring Bloggers, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that need to showcase their advertising and copywriting skills. From Web marketing courses, to WordPress Trainings, to Handy Copywriting E-books to use for all your Marketing needs, and a dedicated Blog to the World of Web marketing and Social Media strategies.

“” is based on the premise that small businesses not only want to grow their sales, but they truly need, and this may include you, to be put more money in the bank. When starting a Business, you shall always try to put together your personal Magic Kit, or if you prefer, the Marketing and PR tools you will need to showcase your products and services with some glittering lures.

Branding and Advertising are the key to success in any business, yet many entrepreneurs don’t fully consider the Communication approaches their companies should pursue, related with almost all the steps of the Company Creation. From the Name selection to the Business Launch, there are many marketing topics to take in consideration when they create a Brand.

Small Business often don’t consider marketing as the number one priority, because of the high costs involved. But now a days with the CyberSpace, there are plenty of easy and cheap opportunities, to carve a niche and to developing their brand identity: Online as well as Offline. Here are 18 simple and low-cost ways to do it.

  1. Select and Analyze your Keywords in order to build a Perfect Website
  2. Choose your Brand name possibly keyword filled
  3. Analyze Competition with a SWOT analysis
  4. Create a Business & Marketing Plan
  5. Allocate Budget
  6. Identify your Target Clients ( Build a Mailing List)
  7. Buy a Web domain possibly with a .com extention
  8. Secure your domain name across all the Social Medias that you will use.
  9. Draft the Website sections ( according to your Keyword selection)
  10. Create a website and a Blog for SEO Purposes
  11. Draft the Blog Editorial Lines
  12. Start with your Basic SEO
  13. Submit your Site for Search Engine Crawls and Position rank
  14. Draft a Linking Plan Strategy
  15. Prepare a Media Kit
  16. Draft a Web marketing Plan
  17. Print your Business Cards and a Brochure or leaflet
  18. Launch your Brand: Internally, on the Cyberspace, contact Offline Media, send your Business card to your Potential Customers

However, the most important Rules when trying to Pitch your Brand, is to use Powerful Headlines for seducing an audience. A Handy assortment of infallible adjectives, Phrases and Marketing Ideas, for you to use whenever you require inspiration on short notice. One-stop assistance center for information on running a small business

Experience shows me that you don’t always need to hire an ad Agency to create effective Advertising and sales Pitch. What matters is that you have a direction and the determination to succeed. That and a good Thesaurus will help you achieve yor business Goals.

Now, you will be able to practice Web Marketing flirting through Hypnotic Selling phrases. Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet and then choose, from over 2000 different Slogan Ideas to say it !

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