Using manipulative search engine optimization means to cheat search engines into giving a site higher value than it actually deserves has for long been a common means to go up the SERPs. SEO has been manipulated to raise the visibility of one website in comparison with another. Plenty of people around still perceive that this is what SEO must be; they feel that since SEO is hard to measure and really quite indefinable, they have to resort to scheming to shore up their SEO endeavors. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

It's Not About Cheating Websites: You will be cheating websites if you engage in any of the following in your SEO work: Engaging in mutual linking on a large scale; keyword stuffing; purchasing lots of exact match domains when you have no real business need for them; scraping content; generating lengthy URLs that are purposely keyword heavy; cloaking pages; cross-linking between all the sites you own; using doorway pages and using many pop-ups for visitors will need to click on every one of them.

It's About Optimizing What You Have: Having what it takes to constitute a great website doesn't mean your SEO will succeed. You have to display what you possess in the best light and market it to the most appropriate and widest audience, and rectify the areas that are obstructing your success online. Besides this, boost what you have already so that it is seen in its truest potential and gets to the right target audience.

It's About Taking Off the Blinkers: Take off the blinkers that were harming your old SEO techniques, and think about a person who tells you that you can get traffic and visibility on 15 exact keywords – and all other terms that are applicable to your business. In addition to this, he tells you that your online visibility can continually grow and not stagnate if you added new areas of recognized future growth potential and visibility. With the blinkers off, this is the clear picture you can talk about and see.

It's About the Entire Data: SEO is about all the traffic and visibility for every search phrase. It's about the entire data. If you look at everything you get the chance to impact everything in a more meaningful way. Keywords are a segment of the full picture which is a good deal bigger now. Agility is the key; agile marketing facilitates the delivery of the end result in short timeframes and we all want quick results.

Summing Up

SEO is measurable. In fact, you can calculate every aspect of SEO and you can also measure precisely almost all SEO actions that you complete. But to get accurate measurements you must know what you desired goal is; how you are going to measure it; completion of enquiry forms; micro goals; where do you stand now; where will we stand post completion; what's the scope for improvement and what's our future plans. Ultimately the metrics will depend on your aims and the results you are seeking. Every marketing campaign will then have a different set of metrics or give different weightage to different metrics.