Don’t Make a Deadly Mistake by Trying to do Electrical Work a Professional Should be Doing

electrician-columbia scIn a world full of homeowners looking to save money on home repairs, there are few aspects of home improvement that can be as dangerous as that of “do-it-yourself” electrical repairs.

The idea of forgoing calling a professional electrician to save a few bucks can be tempting, but the consequences can be catastrophic. Serious injury and even death are very common when DIYers attempt to do electrical work.

Here are some reasons why electrical work should be left to the professionals:

Electrical Shock

It should come as no surprise that one of the biggest concerns when working around electricity is the risk of electric shock. While electrical shock can be deadly at nearly any voltage level, it is especially true when working with high voltages.

Most residential homes have a voltage around 110 volts for lighting and power outlets, and this is plenty to give yourself a good shock. The voltage levels from some appliances, like your oven or dryer, can reach around 240 volts, a lethal amount of current.

Unfortunately, many DIYers neglect to properly turn off their power at the breaker box prior to meddling with their electrical and end up in a dangerous and often life threatening situation because of it.

Fire Hazards

The next deadly mistake that DIYers make that can put them in a dangerous situation is causing an electrical fire. Without proper electrical training and knowledge, looking at all the components of electrical wiring can be confusing.

All it takes to start a life threatening electrical fire is to place a single wire in the wrong spot. Unlike the dangers associated with electrical shock which are immediate, electrical fire hazards can lie dormant for months before the fire breaks out.

This leads DIYers into a false sense of security and thinking that they did the job satisfactorily, when it fact they created a ticking time bomb.

Inspection Concerns

Every electrical component in your home is required to pass inspection before they can be used. This is an aspect of do-it-yourself electrical repair that is quite often overlooked.

Not only does the failure to have an electrician perform your electrical work present extreme danger, it can also cost you a lot of money in fines. You would be surprised to learn how many homeowners attempt to skirt around this by hiding electrical repairs behind walls or in their attic.

Not only are they putting themselves and their home in danger, they can run into some serious issues should they ever decide to sell their home and it does not pass inspection. Any money they thought they cleverly saved by going the DIY route with their electrical work will be paid out and then some in fines and repairs.

The moral of the story here is, being a DIYer is great and can save you thousands on home repairs and improvements. But when it comes to electrical work, always leave it to the professionals like Rytec Electric.

There is a reason why master certified electricians in columbia sc endure endless hours of training before they are allowed to conduct residential electrical work. Don’t make a deadly mistake by trying to do electrical work that only a professional should be doing.

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