There are some basic rules, tips and tricks that every budding web designer must know about and understand. These apply to whether you are designing a website from scratch or using an existing CMS to get your website or blog published. It is not all about the code you use, but how you use it with other resources to create simple and effective designs. This web design quiz puts those skills to the test.

If you feel you are up to the challenge then you can go right ahead and begin.

Web Design Quiz

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Great! That is all there is as far as the basics of web design goes. We hope you have learned something new today by attempting to answer all the questions. If it was all familiar to you then count it as a refresher and just a step further into your professional development endeavors.

This quiz is in no way a comprehensive study into web design; however you can get more information on web design from these great resources:

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[{“sortOrder”:1,”text”:”Which of these is considered a best practice for your published website?”,”answers”:[{“sortOrder”:1,”text”:”Use pages that consist of HTML and CSS”},{“sortOrder”:2,”text”:”Use a single large image produced using graphics software”},{“sortOrder”:3,”text”:”Publish your website entirely as Microsoft Word documents”}],”trueAnswer”:1,”answerExplanation”:”Best practice dictates that your website consists of HTML and CSS.\r\n\r\nEven though it is possible to create a print brochure entirely out of graphics software it is not ideal for websites as it will render your website nonfunctional. Your website will load slowly and will not be Search Engine friendly. \r\n\r\nDepending on your browser and OS set up, publishing your website as Microsoft Word will probably cause your website to turn into a download website.”},{“sortOrder”:2,”text”:”Which of these is a sure way of distracting the visitors that come to your website?”,”answers”:[{“sortOrder”:1,”text”:”Inserting a company logo”},{“sortOrder”:2,”text”:”Using animations and sounds”},{“sortOrder”:3,”text”:”Providing hyper-text links”}],”trueAnswer”:2,”answerExplanation”:”In most cases using animations and sounds in your website can be very distracting to your visitors.\r\n\r\nNever add unnecessary sounds or music onto you website. If you must do so, let the user have full control of the audio by providing an interface to manage the audio. Keep the audio off by default. Animations should not flood the page as they can be very disruptive as well as irritating. Use still images as much as possible.”},{“sortOrder”:3,”text”:”Which of these is the preferred method of setting the design style of your website?”,”answers”:[{“sortOrder”:1,”text”:”Use inline HTML attributes”},{“sortOrder”:2,”text”:”Use proprietary graphics software”},{“sortOrder”:3,”text”:”Use CSS”}],”trueAnswer”:3,”answerExplanation”:”Using CSS is the preferred method of setting the style of the website.\r\n\r\nCSS provides an efficient and more productive way of managing the design of your website. It is much preferred over inline HTML attributes because it is easier to maintain and provides manageable consistency over several web pages where the same style sheet is used.”},{“sortOrder”:4,”text”:”Which of these sets represents the ideal formats to use for web graphics?”,”answers”:[{“sortOrder”:1,”text”:”JPG, GIF, PSD, SVG”},{“sortOrder”:2,”text”:”BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG”},{“sortOrder”:3,”text”:”GIF, JPG, PNG, SVG”}],”trueAnswer”:3,”answerExplanation”:”GIF, JPG, PNG and SVG are the ideal formats for images used on web pages.\r\n\r\nThese formats are supported by almost all web browsers with SVG catching up to the rest. The images should be optimized using graphics software to make them light so as to speed up the page load times. SVG images are vector based while the others are bitmaps.”},{“sortOrder”:5,”text”:”Which of these should you avoid doing when designing your website?”,”answers”:[{“sortOrder”:1,”text”:”Use images as the background for text “},{“sortOrder”:2,”text”:”Use black text on white”},{“sortOrder”:3,”text”:”Check spellings on all the text”}],”trueAnswer”:1,”answerExplanation”:”HTML text should never be used over Images.\r\n \r\nText can be very difficult to read if placed over an image. The more detailed the image the worse the situation. If you must use an image as a background you may do so if you want a subtle gradient or if the image is simply a plain color that is of clear contrast to the text that is place over it.”},{“sortOrder”:6,”text”:”Which of these does not help in maintaining consistency over your entire website?”,”answers”:[{“sortOrder”:1,”text”:”Use the same theme over all of the pages of your website”},{“sortOrder”:2,”text”:”Use several copies of the same web page throughout the website”},{“sortOrder”:3,”text”:”Using a single font throughout the entire website”}],”trueAnswer”:2,”answerExplanation”:”Using several copies of a web page does not maintain consistency over your website.\r\n\r\nYou can maintain highly recommended consistency over your entire website by using the same font, color scheme and general look and feel of the website. This includes maintaining a consistent navigation menu.”},{“sortOrder”:7,”text”:”To improve the navigation experience on your website make sure you…”,”answers”:[{“sortOrder”:1,”text”:”Use flash banners”},{“sortOrder”:2,”text”:”Submit your website to several Search Engines”},{“sortOrder”:3,”text”:”On every page, provide a link to go back to the home page”}],”trueAnswer”:3,”answerExplanation”:”Provide a link to the home page on every page.\r\n\r\nIdeally you should provide a way to jump back to the home page on every page on your website preferably on the navigation menu with a home button as well as a company or website logo that is linked back to the home page.”},{“sortOrder”:8,”text”:”As far as web design best practice goes, which of these does not apply?”,”answers”:[{“sortOrder”:1,”text”:”Avoid using frames on your website”},{“sortOrder”:2,”text”:”Always add a blog to your website”},{“sortOrder”:3,”text”:”Avoid using tables for web page layout”}],”trueAnswer”:2,”answerExplanation”:”Adding a blog to your website should not be considered a rule of thumb as far as web design goes.\r\n\r\nUsing Frames on website is highly discouraged as this creates problems with Search Engine visibility and complicates navigating the website. Tables are not scalable from a design and development point of view and therefore provides maintenance nightmare.”},{“sortOrder”:9,”text”:”Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of website design. Which of these should be considered when applying SEO to the pages on your website?”,”answers”:[{“sortOrder”:1,”text”:”Provide a page title and description in the head section”},{“sortOrder”:2,”text”:”Use English in your website”},{“sortOrder”:3,”text”:”Make sure your web address contains “www””}],”trueAnswer”:1,”answerExplanation”:”A page title and description should be considered when working on your SEO\r\n\r\nA unique page title and description should be used on each page on a website which correctly describes the contents of the web page. It should be human readable and appealing and contain some relevant keywords that match your content. The title and description appear on the Search Engine results.”},{“sortOrder”:10,”text”:”Which of these must you do before you publish your website or blog?”,”answers”:[{“sortOrder”:1,”text”:”Have a website launch party”},{“sortOrder”:2,”text”:”Advertise the website in your local newspaper”},{“sortOrder”:3,”text”:”Thoroughly test the website “}],”trueAnswer”:3,”answerExplanation”:”Thoroughly test your website before publishing it. \r\n\r\nWebsites should be tested across not just different web browsers, but different platforms and operating systems as well. You website needs to look good and it must function on all computers be they laptops, desktops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and other devices depending on your target audience.”}]”}; _newQuiz.quizTitle = ”; _newQuiz.quizNumber = 2; var _quizzes = _quizzes || []; _quizzes.push(_newQuiz); incljQueryTempl = true; incljQueryUi = true;