Marketing forms the backbone of any promotional activity that takes place. To make a brand sell and to make it famous marketing is the most important activity that is needed to be practised. As such there are various conventional methods followed and there are certain new ones that have been trending in the current times.


Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing are two of them which have changed the face of marketing and have come up with new, advanced and creative ways to market a commodity such that the market goes crazy about it.


Out of the two most prevalent used practices both have their own pros and cons. When compared to each other email marketing has a larger say. The emails are more personal and give a one to one feedback. On the other hand social media marketing gives a larger perspective. Social Media Marketing involves reaching out to the masses all at once and that does give the certainty of each and every target being met.


Although the coming up of more and more social networking websites have increased the influence social marketing, studies reveal that customer acquisition via emails has quadrupled in the last four years and accounts for almost 7% of customer acquisitions. Organic channels bring in the maximum customers and other social media websites like Facebook and Twitter lag far behind in the race currently. No doubt the times are changing and people are becoming more social media friendly, the impact of emails have still not been negated and would not even in the coming future.


The reach factor of emails is still larger as compared to any domain. On the social networking websites a marketer can approach a number of users but the number of people who actually receive the message are very less. Emails are directly shot to respective email ids which gain a better reach and the number of hit eyeballs. Though the reach is more if we assess the two the quality of social media marketing will take an upper hand and be by far a better concept. Emails also provide a thorough professional outlook whereas status updates and picture uploads on the websites have a more non professional approach that is liked more by users these days than proper framed and soughted out mails.


Keeping in mind that both are equally important for a proper functioning of the marketing strategies, a marketer uses the pros of both the trending styles to his best capability which then deliver optimum and unique results. True, both are different from one another but somewhere deep down the line they compliment each other in a way that the coupled impact of these two processes will bring fruitful results and make all kinds of social media campaigns possible, easy and fun.


One cannot actually compare the two, email marketing and social media marketing because both of them enjoy the fruits of their seeds and eventually enjoy what can be given to them. It would be great if both are implemented together such that basically a marketer is able to take his product to the highest possible point.