(PRWEB) February 8, 2006

Increased targeted online traffic to your Website is essential for the success of your company’s presence online, and its not just about editing your Website’s HTML tags. Webpositionexpert (http://www.webpositionexpert.com) is a company that simplifies your SEO project whilst allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

To help assess your Website's current SEO needs webpositionexpert are offering a free Website analysis to assist in your Web marketing efforts and to drive increases targeted traffic to your Website from the search engines. You can contact Webpositionexpert at http://www.webpositionexpert.com/contact.php

Simon Skinner, founder and CEO of Webpositionexpert discusses Web marketing and search engine optimization and the battle to gain increased online traffic to your website. Webpositionexpert are an SEO firm based in Antigua, Caribbean and in Niagara On The Lake, Ontario, Canada.

Simon started off by saying, “Search engine optimization services are thriving on the Web today with many companies marketing their products and services online, to increase traffic and to boost online profits to their Website from the search engines. All online businesses want to create an edge and a buzz to dominate the competition.”

“However, many Web marketing projects are being rolled out by companies without the proper knowledge to support the company's needs on today's thriving Web economy. These companies, through naivety and lack of training are simply not attaining their desired success because of a lack of understanding of how to market themselves online, they are missing out on the true online potential of their Websites and are not driving an increased amount of customers to their Websites from the search engines.”

He went on to say, “Many companies, large and small think that all they have to do is to build a website and to upload it onto the internet and their business will increase dramatically – it is not that easy.” He smiles and continues, “Generally, most companies need an SEO specialist like webpositionexpert, but instead they choose to try and complete the project themselves with no prior knowledge or search engine optimization experience. This is a huge mistake that will, more often than not, mean that a company's Website optimization project is doomed before they have even added text to a Webpage that they are trying to market online.”

“Increased online traffic to your Website will boost your online profits as long as the potential customers that find you using search engines on the internet are looking for the products or services that you are trying to market.”

He concluded, “How can you make your web site more visible? That is where using a professional search engine optimization firm comes in. Search engines are always changing their algorithms so you need a professional firm who are aware of up to date trends and search engine guidelines. Your web site is optimized to improve your rankings on the major search engines and to drive targeted traffic to your company’s Website and to increase your profits.”

A managed Website optimization service by a professional search engine optimization firm such as Webpositionexpert.com removes the stress and hassle of dealing with the optimization of your Website when really you want to be concentrating on your core business.

Some people achieve a top 10 placement in major search engines with their Website and yet fail to get genuine results. Others who achieve a top 10 placement with their Website experience high quality traffic that results in major success.

What is the difference? Our process is unmatched in “knowing” not guessing about the online behavior of your ideal target audience and how they are going to find your Website. Contact http://www.webpositionexpert.com today for a free Website analysis to increase your online traffic.

You can contact Simon Skinner and his staff at http://www.webpositionexpert.com for more details.