I have been going to Haiti since 2000 and for whatever reason I have a deep love for this place and the people of Haiti.  We give 10% of every website build to support relief in Haiti.  We are working to support Pastor Octavien in Les Cayes Haiti as he builds a new church in the mountains of the region preaching the gospel to impoverished people of Haiti. “TOUT GLWA POU BONDYE”

With your help, together we have helped buy church land in Les Cayes mountains from a former voodoo witch doctor to build a church, given materials: PA Speaker system, projector, Bibles, Christian books, clothes, music cd’s for kids and adults, dvd’s for movie nights, laptop, machete’s for local farmers, solar power for home and charging station, support feeding program in Dady mountains outside of Les Cayes, and support the family of local pastor Octavien Mercius.