SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your website to rank high in the search engines. It’s up to each website owner to decide what keywords they want to rank high for and get links back to their site with those keywords in the anchor text.
There are many ways to improve SEO for your website. Follow these steps to rank higher in the search engines.

Things You Will Need

A website or a blog.

Step 1

Keyword Research.
Use the Google Adwords Keyword tool to find keywords related to your topic that people are searching for. Make a list of the keywords you think are related to your site. Next search for each keyword in Google using the allintitle and allinanchor search tools to determine how competitive each keyword is.
allintitle:”rank high in google”
allinanchor:”rank high in google”

Step 2

Site Optimization.
Optimize your site’s content to match your keywords and phrases. Google and other search engines care about your page title, description and on page content. Modify your pages to match the keywords you are targeting. Use tags to surround major titles on your page and put important keywords in bold.

Step 3

Start a backlink campaign. Backlinks are links to your website. The anchor text, or the text in the link to your site, tells the search engines what your site is about. A site that has 100s of links to it with the keyword text “keyword research” will rank very high in Google for that phrase.
To start a campaign find directories that you can submit your site to that allow you to enter in the anchor text as a title. The best free site for this is The directories you submit your site to should have a page rank of 3 or higher (download the Goolge toolbar to see a site’s page rank).
Make a list of these directories and submit your website to 5-10 per week using your keyword as the title or anchor text.

Step 4

Add your site to directories.
Submit your site to link exchange websites. This will allow you to exchange links with other website owners so that you will both benefit from the link.

Step 5

Add your site to bookmark sites.
Submit your site to “Do follow” bookmark sites. Research and find sites like Folkd and Spurl that have a high PR (page rank) and do follow links on their site. Do follow means that the site passes page rank to your website. No follow means they don’t.

Step 6

Be active in the forums. Most forums allow you to have a signature. Include a link to your site in your signature and be a quality contributor to the forums related to your site.
Using these SEO techniques you will improve you ranking in the search engines which will drive more traffic to your website. Continue to follow and repeat these steps until you rank number one in Google for your search term.

Tips & Warnings

Set a budget before you start adding your site to paid directories
Don’t add backlinks to fast, or Google will think you are a robot