How To Pick a Social Media Marketing Company or Marketing Firm

One of the key factors in picking a social media marketing company or a marketing firm is knowing what you want to accomplish from the campaign.  Start with asking yourself a couple questions like:

  • What do you hope to gain by using social media marketing
  • what is the marketing companies experience using social media
  • Which social media marketing tool is best for your business and target audience.

Once you have your target in your sights you can begin to focus on a systematic approach to reaching your customers for your business. I recently wrote this article for a magazine and thought I would share it here with you to help you wade through the information on social media marketing.

Social Media For The Relatively Intelligent (Not Dummies 😉

Do you have a Twitter or Facebook account?

Does your mom have a Facebook account? How about your business? I’m willing to bet someone in your immediate family is on Facebook. I’m sure your mom is on Facebook “liking” everything you post and embarrassing you even though you’re 40. And more than likely you probably don’t have a great Facebook page for your business or you don’t know how to use it.

Do your customers even know when they come in your business or visit your website that you have a Facebook business page? Is it listed prominently for customers to “check in” and let their friends and family know what a great business you have? How many likes do you have on Facebook or followers on Twitter?

When you begin to think about your social media marketing strategy you have to begin with the question “Why” Why would anyone follow you on Twitter or use social media to tell the world about your business? You have to give people a reason to “follow” you by giving them useful information like tips related to your products as well as give away stuff to keep them coming back to your page to see what’s next. You have to make going to your social media fun and keep them wondering “What are you going to post next?”

Let’s talk about a twitter account for your business?
Most business owners I meet are in their 40’s and up. When I mention twitter they just roll their eyes and tell me that twitter is for narcissistic people and they don’t want one?
So I usually reply I HATE Social Media!…Or Do I??
The truth is nothing gets a customer in your store like word of mouth.
But today word of mouth has changed to “Word of Type” or I like to call it “Word of Thumb.“ You took the time to drive a potential customer to your website so that they would love what they see. Whether it’s a product or blog post, you want to build it simple for them to share it with their friends. Milk the conversion for all it’s value – get new customers on board via social media sharing of the merchandise, or a informative blog article. Like this one ;))

Now that you have a few folks going to your website and social media page it’s time to grow your Social Media community with great service and great products. You can spend all the time in the world making content and building marketing through social media, however it’s solely by growing your community with real fans that your overall online presence will grow. Fan advertising on Facebook could be a good way to reveal your products to new potential customers. But don’t stop there! Why not get your existing clients who know and love your products to link to you on social media?

When a business owner tells me they “HATE Social Media” like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs or Pinterest I understand. It can seem like narcissistic dribble if you don’t know how to use these services. And to be honest, I agree. I would much rather be out living life with my friends and family than reading or posting what I’m doing for everyone to see. Most business owners are too busy running their business and don’t have time for social media. But this isn’t about you, or me anymore, it’s about business. It is about your target audience for your business! It’s about social media clout, google search engine results, target marketing and advertising tools.!
Nobody watches commercials anymore thanks to the DVR, no one listens to radio ads – they listen to Pandora, nobody reads newspapers anymore thanks to this thing called the internet. 😉 If you want to reach customers, you have to be creative and do it through the medium they access information to make buying decisions. So like it or not, that is where we are today.

Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Google +. etc are just tools. You don’t have to like them or understand everything to be able to use them to help your business. The key elements for your target customer is going to be mobile marketing, social marketing, and a great local presence. That is why you need the 4 key social media elements

Facebook – reaches everyone from 18-99
Twitter – 18-35 can be used for info about product as well as sales
Foursquare is a local “check-in” social media tool for local business buildup
Google+ is what people see when they pick up their mobile phones, search for local business in the map and see business info and reviews. You want to have control of your local business listing for reviews and to make sure you respond to any -negative reviews quickly so you don’t loose future business.
Business Visibility listing is how we get the word out to all the local maps,search engines like google, bing, Yellow Pages, GPS etc. It used to be you opened a local store and paid Yellow Pages and then if someone needed your product they open the yellow book and find you. No one does that anymore, it’s all online and I will cover every base for your local business to make sure your are found no matter how they are looking for you. The great news is I can help you take care of all the social media for you so you can get back to running your business and being with your family.
How To Pick a Social Media Marketing Company or Marketing Firm