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Social media Facebook Columbia SCNothing gets a customer in your store like word of mouth!

But today word of mouth has changed to “Word of Type” or even “Word of Thumb
You took the time to drive a potential customer to your website so that they'd love what they see. Whether or not it’s a product or blog post, build it simple for them to share it with their friends. Milk the conversion for all it’s value – get new customers on board via social media sharing of the merchandise, page
 or article.


Grow your  Social Media community with great service and great products.

You can spend all the time in the world making content and building connectivity through social media, however it’s solely by growing your community with real fans that your overall online presence will grow. Fan advertising on Facebook could be a good way to reveal your products to new potential customers, however why not get your existing clients who know and love your products to links to you on social media?

Social Media Optimization – The Importance Of An Avatar

Social media has become an integral part of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, over the past couple of years. It is widely regarded as an excellent way of promoting your website and increasing your brand awareness; building links into your site; and setting yourself up as an authority within your chosen niche.
Authority websites are the ones that the internet community look to for the best articles, information, and setting the trends that other sites only aspire to. They also attract one-way inbound links like they're going out of fashion. If you're playing the Google game and using the world's most powerful search engine as the major source for your website traffic, then this is only a good thing.
To digress for one moment, it might pay to briefly explain why this is a good thing.
As it stands, Google has a lot of time for authority sites, or more specifically websites that have a good deal of links from quality websites pointing to their front door. They see all these other sites 'recommending' your website, realise its importance, and rank accordingly.
So with this in mind, plus the other traffic-harvesting advantages that social media plays in website promotion, it is no wonder that Social Media Marketing (SMM) is such big business in this day and age.
Of course, to take advantage of the benefits that social media and social networking can have upon your website, blog, etc. and to take that first step on the road to an authority domain, you must first create a profile.
What follows is a short guide to setting yourself up, so you're ready to enter the exciting arena that is social media.
The fundamental rules are pretty much universal, and will work with whichever social network you choose to harness the power of. It is the art of understanding and engaging the community where the soul of Social Media Marketing begins.
Firstly, choose your network. There are multitudes out there, some of the big names you'll hear being bandied about being StumbleUpon, Digg, Facebook and Twitter. Once you've chosen where you're going to start, the next step is to create your profile. This involves filling out your details, coming up with a name or handle, and usually some form of email verification to ensure that you are indeed a living human being and not an automated scriptbot created at the fingertips of a marketing spammer.
This is a relatively painless process that won't take up a great deal of anybody's time. However there is one important factor that I must mention and upon which the rest of this article hangs. The avatar.
An avatar is a small image that you upload to your profile and from then on in will sit with you during your time at the network. It is important because it's the quickest way by which other users will recognise you. Even if you only give the barest minimum of details when signing up and creating your profile, ensure you upload an avatar.
As well as the element of recognition, an...


I've heard this from  a lot of business owners and I totally understand. FacebookTwitterLinkedInTumblrInstagramYouTube, Blogs or Pinterest can seem like narcissistic dribble.  And to be honest, I agree. I'd much rather be out living life with my friends and family than reading or posting what I’m doing for everyone to see.  Most business owners are too busy running their business and don’t have time for social media.  But this isn’t about you or me anymore, it’s about business.  It's about your target audience for your business! It’s about social medial clout, google search results, target marketing and advertising tools.

Nobody watches commercials anymore thanks to the DVR, no one listens to radio ads – they listen to Pandora, nobody reads newspapers anymore thanks to this thing called the internet ;).  So if you want to reach customers, you've to do it in the way that they access information to make buying decisions. So like it or not that's where we're today. I can help you take care of all the social media for you so you can get back to running your business and being with your family.

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