James Bond Theme Park for 007 Fans

by Matthew Rings

Stromberg’s underwater Atlantis lair popping out of the water of course!

under water diner

This mini-park would have all the cool Gadgets from all the movies on display and more from real spy history like the international spy museum.



But it will have more for us Spy fans like:

  • Stunt Driving Experience – either ride along or learn to drive real BMW’s
  • Indoor Sky Diving or Real Sky Diving
  • Indoor Surfing with Green Screen of Die Another Day waves
  • Indoor Skiing like in Dubai (if you want to go crazy $$$)
  • Gun Range where you can fire all the Bond guns over the history of the series – with or without Silencer (suppressor)
  • Massive Gift Shop of all things Bond – books, toys, hard to find collectibles for resale like vintage stuff, replica props.
  • 2 iMax Movie theaters that play all the Bond films remastered in Digital HD and why not James Bond in 3D for evening showings each night.
  • Display all old movie props and any miniature sets still around
  • Q-Branch Lab of all Gadgets being built for next movie.
  • Bond fashion dresses on display (Something for the wives to go to)
  • Spy School for the young Bond fans
  • Covert Ops Training like Mi6 would provide for adults on double back techniques, debugging a hotel room or bugging one ;)

Now all we have to do is:

  1. Get permission from the kind folks at (Insert name of company who owns rights to all Bond things) (Danjaq? Broccoli’s?)
  2. Get some land for the 3 worldwide locations in London, Bahamas, and Orlando
  3. Go to Kickstarter, raise a ton of ca$h
  4. Find Golden shovel
  5. Start building!

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