Logo Design & Brand Recognition

One of the crucial factors when establishing your companies identity for marketing is Logo Design & Brand Recognition. Your logo is the first thing to catch the eye so make sure you are making the right first impression and let the graphic artist at DBL07 Consulting & Website Design Columbia create you a great logo for your business.

“A logo design is the first step to creating and building a brand, but it is not the end.”

A lot of people think that a logo design is a picture of a company’s products or an nice picture to place on signs or letterhead.  A logo is one of the most important ways of communicating with your customers about your company and your brand. This is why it is so important to have a professional logo designer from DBL07 Consulting & Website Design Columbia.  A professional logo designer will be able to create a logo design that is a perfect representation of your business’s brand. Whether you are trying to project a hip, modern image or convey a feeling of trustworthiness and tradition, your values can be expressed by a logo design.

How A Logo Is Born


The first step to creating a logo is thinking through what the image you want to present and what are some ideas you have in mind.

“In a modern world, communicating effectively with your customers is a key part of success.”

A custom logo designer will sit down and begin to put your ideas into shape. The process is kind of like working with a lump of clay and as the process goes on until we have the perfect logo that represents your company well. If your customers are interested by your logo design, they will be increasingly likely to find out more about your business or visit one of your locations.  A logo design offers a powerful and visual way for you to express important things about your company and your brand.

Designing a logo that communicates your brand to a very specific group of people can be a complicated matter. That is why it is so important to work with professionals who have experience creating logos for your business. At DBL07 Consulting & Website Design, we have years of experience designing logos for companies just like yours. Our designers know how to create an image that is not just beautiful, but expressive of your brand. We are willing to invest the time to create an image that communicates your brand uniquely.

Brand Recognition

Your company’s identity should be consistent across your company signs, website, business cards and marketing campaigns. While these details may seem inconsequential, they are important for creating consistency among your brand. They also ensure that the quality of your brand identity remains high no matter who is working with the design elements.

A brand identity makes your company memorable and easily recognized. Your brand identity becomes ingrained in the minds of your customers. Eventually your brand identity elicits an emotional response from consumers that compels them to buy from you and not your competitors.

Logo Design & Brand Recognition Columbia SCFor example, seeing the Coca-Cola writing will immediately bring to mind the yummy, bubbly taste of taking that first sip.  For some this memory alone will compel them to go grab a can of Coca-Cola. (Hold on, I’ll be right back. Mmm delicious coke. Okay, where was I? Oh yeah…)

A strong brand identity helps you build community. Consumers like to engage with brands that have positive brand identities established through good design principles.

The Coca-Cola brand, which has been around for a very long time, has established a strong brand identity. Their customers love the Coca-Cola brand so much there was a civil war in the 80’s when anyone was asked “Which is is better Coke vs. Pepsi?”

A well-designed brand identity can add credibility to your company. People like to do business with companies that look professional and credible.