Does your child suffer from low MC?

Low MC or Low Midichlorian Count is a serious condition affecting millions of children each year.  There are several factors that cause Low MC in children. Symptoms may include:

  • Are you a Bad Father? Exposing Children to Star Wars in the wrong order – Star Wars Proper Movie Order 
  • Over exposure of Jar Jar Binks
  • iPaditis – children come tethered from the womb to an ipad and are unable to look up or play with  Star Wars Action Figures
  • Cerebral Vegetation – children sitting in a vegetated state watching too much spongebob and not running around the house making laser gun fire sounds from X-wings or lightsaber fights with wrapping paper tubes.
  • Lack of emotional shock to the news that Luke’s father is Darth Vader

Together We Can Find A Cure!

Low MC

The Cure is A Disney Star Wars Resort

Re-Imagineering The Star Wars Contemporary Resort Ideas

  • You wouldn’t have to do anything to the outside appearance
  • Each Room Comes With Custom Action Figure and have gift shop to buy/build for each family member.
  • Replace gift shop in middle of Contemporary with Star Wars Vintage shop
  • Another gift shop with high end costumes legit storm trooper 501
  • Replace other gift shop with all new Star Wars merchandise that Disney/SW will come out with over the next 30 years. With Exclusive items only available at the Star Wars Contemporary Resort
  • One of the things that makes disney guest experiences so great is the the total immersion into the story. The sights and sounds of light sabers turning on when elevator door opens and John Williams is perfect Elevator music!
  • There is no place on the planet for SW fans to go and there are Millions of us who would love to go to one central place to enjoy SW.
  • Change pool to have a Dagaba swamp theme with lifesize X-wing coming up out of the “swamp” lake by the pool and yoda hut splash areas
  • OR you could do the Blizzard beach aka Hoth Theme pool with AT-ST water slide
  • Move Star Wars Celebration to the convention center at Contenmporary each year on 3rd floor
  • Replace the Chef Mickey’s with a kid friendly cantina where you can meet your favorite Star Wars character (And if you want to add an Adult Cantenia to downtown Disney or rooftop, that would be fun too.
  • Star Wars version of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for Boys and Girls
  • Lego Star Wars gift shop
  • Light Saber Factory – cheap to high end
  • Of course fiber optic stars in rooms

Star wars hotel pool

Fear Leads To a Cure…Yes?

Star Wars Hotel pool prop

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