Online Reputation Management is vital for today’s business!

Online Reputation Management Columbia SCWhat is Reputation and Presence Management?​ DBL07 Consulting helps you monitor your online reputation by finding everything that is said about your business in reviews and on social networking sites and displaying it in one easy-to-use dashboard. So you will have a pulse on your business in Columbia and know what is being said or worse, what if no one is talking about your business!

There’s also a lot of bad local information on the web — incomplete, inaccurate, or duplicative listings that can make it difficult for you to connect with your customers. DBL07 Consulting’s reputation management system finds that listing information and makes it easy for you to correct it.

I also provides a single location where you can not only understand what’s being said about you online, but also actively manage your information and participate in conversations that are happening across the Web. Don’t let the negative experience of one customer buzz turn into a buzz-saw!

“While you can control the message on your own site, you cannot control what is being said about you everywhere else online.”

So companies need to control their online search results as best they can and ensure the conversations on social media web sites are fair and relevant.

Our online reputation management execution is based on the same fundamentals used in our SEO services. It is never an overnight fix when a negative comment, review or rating does occur. For any reason, a user can post a negative review about your company. This comment can work its way up the search engine results pages and damage your company’s reputation. But with our help you can respond to show customers you care about them and want them to enjoy your business experience.

DBL07 Consulting helps business owners monitor their online reputation by finding everything that is said about their business in reviews and on social networking sites. So they can have a pulse on their small business reputation in Columbia and know what is being said or maybe worse, what if no one is talking about their business!

Reviews can make or break a business with “70% of consumers consulting online reviews or ratings before purchasing.” (Business Week) DBL07 Consulting Columbia helps business stay on top of what is being said about their business anywhere on web. So if a customer is unhappy and leaves a comment on a review site like Google or Yelp or even Facebook the store owner can respond in a positive way to show customers how much they value their business.

Customers in Columbia, SC are turning to smartphones to find business and services on the apple iPhone or Android phones. DBL07 Consulting uses demographic research as well as internet marketing, market analysis, search engine optimization (SEO) to help small business compete with the Goliath’s on an even battle ground. Matthew Rings is helping to provide creative solutions for small and Mid-Size business owners as a full service marketing, advertising and design firm for Lexington, Irmo, Ballentine, Chapin, and Columbia, SC.

“Reputation Management Services – $75- Knowing who is saying what, where, about your business… Priceless”


Reputation-Management-Visible localAccurate business listings enhance your search engine optimization and make it easier for your customers to find you. Find all the tools you need to ensure accurate listings right here.

Find out where your business is listed online.
See at a glance which listings are accurate and which you need to correct.
Go straight to the source to correct inaccurate listings.
Track corrections you’ve submitted and see when the changes have been made.

Read and share reviews of your business from hundreds of web sites, all in one place.

See where your customers are talking about you — and what they’re saying.
Learn how customers feel about your business, based on the sentiments in their reviews.
Easily share reviews on your own Twitter, Facebook, and other social network accounts.
You can also drill down to individual reviews, see reviews from specific sources, or search for reviews that use certain keywords.

reputation management socialOver 60% of U.S. companies engage in some type of social media and the number is rapidly growing. Effectively using social media can boost your qualified online traffic, positively promote your brand, grow leads and sales with measurable results, and build a local community for your company.

Yet social media can sometimes be intimidating. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Blogs… the list of choices seems endless. However, the list that is right for your company is not. At WebSight Design, we’ll cut through the clutter by identifying the social media sites that directly correlate with your online audience.

We can then collaborate with you to establish your presence, and show you how to manage your brand online ensuring your target demographic is reached.

Track everything that’s being said about your business on social networks.  See photos, videos, tweets, and check-ins (visits) related to your business.  Learn how customers feel about your business, based on the sentiments in their mentions.

Easily share mentions on your own Twitter, Facebook, and other social network accounts.
You can also drill down to individual mentions, see mentions from specific sources, or search for mentions that use certain keywords.

Online-Reputation-ManagementI’m pretty sure you didn’t go into business to lose. Healthy competition sparks innovation and I can help you know what your competition is up to. You can monitor the online reputations of up to 3 competitors and compare them head-to-head with your own. See at a glance:
How popular is your competitor?
How many times is your competitor mentioned on social networks like Facebook and Twitter?
How do customers feel about your competitor’s business?
Our system automatically suggests three competitors, or you can choose which competitors you want to track by clicking “Search for competitors”.

Choose how you want to monitor your online reputation:
Receive monthly or quarterly summary reports via e-mail.

Get e-mail or text (SMS) alerts whenever a new review or mention of your business is posted
Reporting and Alerts.

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