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Orange County SEO: The SEO market for mobile searches is rising daily, with nearly 15 percent of all online searches now performed through a mobile device. Google conducts the vast majority of these searches, with an estimated 95 percent of all mobile-device search queries originating with a Google-based product. Given these facts, it is no surprise that SEO managers and webmasters are concerned about how to optimize their websites for mobile searches. Its becoming a standard for companies to offer mobile app development among other popular internet marketing services. There are three popular methods of mobile search optimization: responsive design of the website itself; device-friendly HTML; and a subdomain. Each of these is used in different scenarios, and each serves a specific purpose in optimizing web pages for mobile use.

Responsive website design may be the best way to take advantage of mobile optimization and it may eventually come to be the standard website format. Responsive design “responds” to the device calling for the search by giving an optimized screen for that particular device. As this technology develops, more and more of the optimization for web searches will likely become automated and written into programs for every web site, or perhaps even through the major search engines themselves.

Another technique often used is the placement of device-specific HTML code, which is similar to responsive design but goes a bit further to actually use different HTML for each type of device. However, there have been problems with inaccurate user identification and redirects through the use of specific HTML, so some webmasters are moving away from this type of coding.

A third method that webmasters have used almost since the advent of mobile devices is subdomains or different URLs for mobile and desktop devices. This is the easiest way to optimize content, and most web sites rely on it, even though it means redirecting a user to a different URL every time he or she visits a new website on his or her mobile device.

Tyler Collins, SEO expert at the Orange County search engine optimization company Orange County SEO, comments on the use of these three techniques: “Webmasters and SEO managers are responsible for making content available to as many users as possible. The best way to do that is to design websites and media with the expectation that people will be viewing it from not only their computers, but their mobile devices as well. Mobile devices are predicted to become a major source of web searches by 2015. It is vital to choose an optimization method, such as responsive design, that will continue to grow and change as the technology evolves.”

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