Matthew Rings

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I have worked with people for the last 20 years in highly social environments and I am now looking to branch out to apply my experience and creativity in new endeavors. I’m currently running my own company, DBL07 Consulting & Website Design . We focus on small and medium size business owners’ marketing needs through website design, social media marketing, graphic design, content writing, video production and traditional forms of marketing. My experience of working with people has helped me to manage and develop relationships with my clients beyond “just business”. I have trained countless leaders over the years to work together as a team toward a common goal even in highly stressful situations. I can be reached at 803-479-7699

I am a Creative, hard-working team player with Strong Leadership and Integrity

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– over the past 20 years I have trained, developed, and managed hundreds of volunteer leaders as well as many paid staff under my supervision. One leader said, “Matthew could get volunteers to do things paid people wouldn’t do!” I love to get to know those I work with and invest in their lives as I help them grow to their full potential. Some of my accomplishments include:

  • Worked with all ages and demographics to lead them toward a common goal.
  • Lead teams through volatile and stressful circumstances.
  • Extensive experience in recruiting, development, team building and training multi-generational leaders.
  • Founded, coordinated, planed and developed two state wide annual conferences for several hundred people.
  • Written & delivered over 2000 motivational/persuasive speeches.
  • Responsible for communications to 700-1500 people on a weekly basis through various types of media including email, print, txt, Facebook, face to face, phone, and blog.



I have the ability to look at a project and see what it can look like fully completed. I can look at an old rusted car and see the completed project and know how to map out the road to get it restored. I apply the same vision to running a business that requires solving problems and seeing the bigger picture.


If I come across a topic I don’t know a lot about, I immerse myself in information until I understand that topic. Whether that is from copious amounts of research or from personal interviews to find out everything there is to know about a topic so I can move forward with the best information possible.


My mind naturally thinks of fun and different approaches to tasks. I like to come up with bold and fresh ideas, then reverse engineer a way to make it happen. I am also talented in graphic design, video production, website design, communication, creative writing, & problem solving.

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Work Experience

CEO & Founder of DBL07 Consulting & Website Design

2012- Present

I enjoy learning each clients products and services so that I could build the best marketing strategy and website that reflected the client as well as reach their target audience.

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Director of Student Ministries – St Andrews Presbyterian Church

2003 – 2013

I have extensive experience in recruiting, developing, team building and training multi-generational leaders.

Weekly communicate to 700+ people via print, email, txt, & web.

I have lead many teams of varied ages and personalities toward a unified goal.

Planned & Lead international missions teams to Haiti multiple times which develops the ability to handle stressful situations that require on the fly adjustments that were literally life and death situations.

I supervised interns and full time staff.

Founded, coordinated, planned state wide annual conference for 100’s of middle and high school students.

Developed middle school program ran by high school students which takes patience to train high school students to run a large program.

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Director of Student Ministries – Sugar Hill UMC

2001 – 2003

Young Life Area Director

1995 – 2001

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Other Experience

CEO Onion Rings Studios 1995 – Present – Onion Rings Studios began as a video production company and has grown to web design and resources for youth ministry.

Author of The Pursuit of ManD.C. 4 TeensIn God We Trust?Kauai Tips & Tricks


Winthrop University
B.A. Philosophy
Minor Mass Communications