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SEO Columbia SC One of the sickest things I’ve seen in my life is a yellow Dodge Viper! I love cars and a little while ago I was at a local Dodge dealership and I saw one in person.  I was bringing my Dodge Challenger in for a tune up and saw this beauty in the bay in the back. I talked with the service manager and he told me that the yellow dodge viper I was looking at was actually a 7 year old car and it only had less than 700 miles on it!?!? What? That is crazy to me. If that was mine I would “drive it like I stole it” everyday! I would drive to the mailbox and back and I live in the burbs! What a waste of a beautiful powerful vehicle!   Well a great web site won’t do your business any good unless folks can find it to use it. You can’t just build a website and leave it anymore, you have to work hard to stay on top.  Competition is tough these days and it is a fight to stay on that first page of  the google search results.  It is a constant fight and that is where the whole SEO Search Engine Optimization comes in.  There are many different ways to get to the top and we can help you get there! Download your FREE Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO Search Engine Optimization

People use “keywords” to search for what they are looking for and if your website is skinny on them, then you won’t rise as high in search results. Using different phrases on search engines like Google or Bing will help you get found. For example: Web Design SC, Website Design Columbia, SEO Company SC, SEO Services, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION in Columbia SC, SEO Company in SC, e-Commerce Website design SC, Web Design, Web Design Company SOUTH CAROLINA, Columbia Website Design, Web Designing Columbia, eCommerce Web site design Columbia, Website Designer SC, Web Designers SOUTH CAROLINA, Web Designers Columbia, Search Engine Optimisation Columbia, Search engine Optimization Columbia SC, Web Design in SC, Web Design Company SC, Search Engine Optimization SC, cheap Website design Columbia, Affordable Web Design Columbia, Search Motor Optimization SC, Cost Effective Web Design, Cheap Website design SC, Website Designing Company SC! Exhausting right!? Did you notice any misspellinggs? People are typing fast, maybe on a phone and if you try to think and plan ahead you can get traffic just by including common misspellings. In today’s competitive business environment you have to fight to stay on top in a variety of SC cities like Columbia, Irmo, Newberry, West Columbia, USC, Downtown Columbia, Chapin, Lexington and even Clemson South Carolina. (see what I did there?) Let us help you stay ahead of the competition! Here are some more great articles for you Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips to Increase Your Rankings  By Mathew Rings CEO & Founder DBL07 Consulting & Website Design Hawaii,Web Design Columbia SC. A web design company focusing on custom website development, web presence management, SEO Search Engine Optimization and mobile website development.

[plan title=”Level One” price=”$99″ per=”Month” color=”grey-lite” button_text=”Start Simple” button_link=”” target=”_self”]Many websites today are simply out of date and need to be updated. Our Tier One SEO Package is designed to give you a solid SEO foundation. Tier One Includes: Proper Page Title Tags Relevant Page Descriptions Image Titling Google Analytics Search Engine Registration – Google, Bing & Yahoo[/plan][plan title=”Level 2″ featured=”true” color=”teal-lite” price=”$250″ per=”Month” button_text=”I Need Help!” button_link=”” target=”_self”]Our Tier Two package was developed for local businesses that have a solid SEO foundation but still need to rank higher on search engines within local levels. The Tier Two package includes everything in Tier One, plus: 5 website backlink promo pages 80 solid backlinks 20 recommended Keywords[/plan][plan title=”Spy Special” price=”Call For Custom Setup” color=”grey-lite” button_text=”Let’s Get Serious” button_link=”” target=”_self”]Ready to go national?  Our Tier Three package is designed for businesses that are looking to dominate the field on local and regional levels and compete on national levels.  This is a full Search Engine Marketing campaign. The Tier Three package includes everything in the Tier One & Tier Two packages, plus: Ongoing Content Development Social Media Marketing Online Press Releases Images Marketing Infographic Creation Web Video Optimization Click Tracking Data Pay Per Click Advertising[/plan]