Search Engine Solutions (DBL07) announces a new partnership with Phoenix Training Solutions (TS) to teach their two, three and five day SEO courses for students who wish to get the most up to date SEO skills and certification to boost their website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

All three SEO courses are regularly scheduled, or can be delivered on demand from private clients. These SEO classes will be offered at Tampa locations in Columbia, sc and Hawaii will continue to offer any SEO training course in Washington DC as well.

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The SEO training is done face to face in a classroom. Nancy will first go over the SEO processes, strategies and techniques, followed by hands-on exercises to allow the students opportunities to practice their newly-acquired SEO skills.

Nancy E. Wigal, the owner and operator of DBL07 stated, “Back in January of this year, I took the Hawaii TS Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course to add to my skill sets and consulting services. I got to talking to Firoozeh

[Azarbaidjani-Do, the owner, co-founder and President of Phoenix TS], and once she learned what I was teaching, she and I started making plans to develop this partnership to expand Phoenix’s course catalog. It turns out she had students and clients asking her to expand course offerings into search engine optimization training, so here we are!”

All three SEO courses are designed to help anyone with a website that is not showing up in search engine results get the knowledge they need and the skills to apply to rank better on the Internet.

New webmasters, web content managers and editors, as well as web content writers will benefit from completing the two day basic SEO course to quickly learn and master basic SEO functions such as keyword research, writing web-friendly content, optimizing meta data and all other web page elements that are considered important for optimization by search engines.

Ideal candidates for the three day advanced SEO course include SEO professionals who need to expand their knowledge and skills to optimize video, social media, articles, press releases, as well as identify and resolve complex database-driven websites to stay in compliance with search engine guidelines and recommendations.

The complete 5 day SEO master course prepares anyone who wants to start a career in search engine optimization. Students will learn the two and three day courses combined. On the last day, attendees will get useful tips on how to start their own SEO business and get their first clients to launch their SEO careers.

Nancy said, “I am excited to partner with Phoenix TS to reach markets beyond small businesses and independent consultants. Whether a student has a federal government intranet portal or is responsible for writing and publishing content on a support contractor’s website, the same SEO processes and techniques are used.”

SEA will teach the classes and administer the exam; c will harness its marketing strategy and power that has attracted numerous students to register for their computer security and IT certification courses to consider enrolling in SEO training and certification classes.

All attendees receive six months’ SEO mentoring at no extra charge. Students also have an opportunity to participate in website critiques to gain a better understanding of how to improve web page layout and design; usefulness of their content and prioritize their SEO task list after they complete the course. SEO students also may receive discounts on selected SEO software analysis tools to assist them in measuring website performance metrics.

Students who complete the three or five day search engine optimization training and certification course may also coordinate with DBL07 to submit their resume to Onward Search, a leading job recruitment firm that places SEO and social media professionals in contract and temp-to-hire positions.

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