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From September 1992 – March 2013 I worked with various non-profit organizations mentoring students. In this role, I recruited, developed, and motivated top-performing teams and led training for multi-generational leaders. I implemented international relief trips to Haiti & Mexico and developed optimal stress management skills. I founded, coordinated, and facilitated multiple state-wide annual conferences for hundreds of middle/high school students, and maintained effective weekly communication with 1500+ people via print, text, email, and web. I also developed successful mentoring programs employing a high level of organization and patience to direct large programs. I supervised interns, hundreds of volunteers and full-time staff members leading diverse groups toward unified goals.

I have worked with people for the last 20 years in highly social environments and I have worked with computers since my first  I love to apply my experience and creativity in new endeavors and help businesses grow. At DBL07 Consulting & Website Design  we focus on small and medium size business owners’ marketing needs through website design, social media marketing, graphic design, content writing, video production and traditional forms of marketing web design, social media, Facebook, Google +, Twitter and email marketing campaigns.  My experience of working with people has helped me to manage and develop relationships with my clients beyond “just business”.  I have trained countless leaders over the years to work together as a team toward a common goal even in highly stressful situations like taking a team to Haiti every year for the last 12 years. 

I have been involved in media since I helped my dad develop pictures in our dark room at the house for the Tampa Tribune. I have been involved in photography and layout design my whole life that morphed into video production and now website design. While I have skills in all those areas, my heart and passion is building teams. I have recruited and developed hundreds of teens, and adults over the years to build diverse teams for global adventures.

I have studied leadership since I was 26, many moons ago, and as I created my own marketing firm I fell in love with the heart of the “Disney Way.” I have a lot of fun ideas* to help grow the Disney brand that stays true to Walt’s vision of a family focused destination. I would bring the same passion and excitement for life to the Yellow Shoes team as we play together and live out our stories together.

I would LOVE to be a part of the Disney cast working with Imagineers, WDPR Digital, and TWDC collaborating on projects around the world! Thank you for taking a few minutes to get to know me, please grab small children by the hand as you exit this webpage!


I have published several books featuring The Pursuit of ManD.C. 4 Teens&  In God We Trust? & Kauai Tips Tricks & Secrets


And CEO & Founder of Onion Rings Studios

This was filmed by a friend on one of my trips to Haiti

My Custom Built (By Me) 007 Dodge Challenger


This car is loaded with custom modifications and Gadgets

007 James Bond Special Edition Dodge Challenger from DBL07 Consulting & Web Design on Vimeo.


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