The main objective of any online business Web site is to promote a product or service. The purpose of an e-commerce Web site, is to allow your site’s visitors to buy your products or services directly from your Web site.

With the stiff competition among hundreds, or even thousands of online businesses these days, a Web site that can easily be located, and offers user-friendly interfaces and layouts, will definitely be more competitive than those who cannot easily be seen, or would not look attractive and enticing enough to Web customers.

Fully optimized Web sites allow the generation of more visitors and revenues, and does not require you visitors to call you during business hours, and will only rely on the impulse of the buyer or viewer. buyer. However, the major drawback among online business Web sites is that a very few of them can be properly indexed by search engine spiders, and generally will fail to rank properly.

Stuffing Keywords Won’t Do The Trick

A search engine spider places valued importance on what it reads highest on the page, therefore your site need to have appropriate keywords that include your targeted phrases. The practice f stuffing in keywords in the hopes that it will add weight to your page generally won’t work.

The phase “keyword density” refers to the amount of content that is made up of your targeted keywords, and according to search engine optimization (SEO) exerts, the estimates for the right percentage of keywords may range anywhere from 4 or 5%, to 10 to 12%. Basically, when it comes to keyword density, experts note that you should put your keywords in the content as much as you can, while keeping it perfectly readable and not confusing to your readers.

What Internal Linking Means For You Site

In order to make sure that your Web site gets properly indexed, you need to ensure that the search engine spiders have an easy path through your site. Using text links would make for reasonable options, as the anchor text, or the actual words that area used to link to a specific page, )make things relevant to that page for the words used to link to it.

According to SEO veterans, there are two ways in ensuring that your Web site gets well crawled by the search engine spiders, and that the relevancy is added, is to first is to install text links on the bottom of your homepage, to your main internal pages. The second method, is to create a sitemap to all your internal pages and link to it from your homepage. These two methods both offer many advantages and some disadvantages as well.

Appropriate Link Building Techniques

It’s a fact that almost all of the major search engines give good credit to Web sites that have good-quality links pointing back to them. Just how many links would be enough actually depends on your industry and targeted phrases. The first place to find good is to go to general and topic-specific directories.

After this, you may also wish to move into reciprocal link building, and this refers to the exchange of links between two related Web sites. There are some Webmasters who simply link to any website that links back to them. You need to find Web sites that you think your site’s visitors will find interesting, and you’ve probably found a good link partner, as you will prefer to get links from Web sites that are related to yours. – 7 SEO