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SEO vs. Pay Per Click (ppc) – The Pros and Cons

seo pros

  • Over time, SEO is usually less costly than PPC. Once changes are made they remain effective for a long time.
  • Organic search engine rankings have greater credibility, since you aren’t paying for the position. Some users will never click a paid result.
  • SEO work done benefits your rankings in every search engine, from Google and Bing to small ones you’ve never heard of. Even in search engines that haven't yet been created.
  • SEO efforts all build upon each other – the more SEO work you do on a site, the more it benefits the entire site – including every keyword phrase that you’re targeting across the site.

seo cons

  • Most SEO work requires making changes to your website. If you’ve invested heavily in a search engine unfriendly site (Flash. Example), the effort to implement workarounds can be significant
  • SEO takes longer to see results – benefits of SEO work is measured in months. It can take several months before you begin to see measurable results.
  • There is no guarantee of rankings through SEO. Search engines make hundreds of adjustments to their ranking algorithms every year. Any one of them can impact your position.
  • There are some factors to SEO that remain entirely unknown. To some extent, your ability to rank number one is out of your hands.

ppc pros

  • Pay per click is fast to implement. New campaigns can be ready to go in weeks and changes take effect in minutes. PPC is the fastest route to attracting traffic.
  • PPC can guarantee you a position in the search engines.
  • PPC allows you to target keyword phrases that pages of your site aren’t directly built around.
  • No changes have to be made to your website to gain the increased traffic.
  • It’s very easy to test the effectiveness of different keywords and promotional offers with PPC.

ppc cons

  • PPC can be expensive. Typically the most desirable keywords that drive the most traffic are the ones with the highest cost per click.
  • You must continue to pay for your clicks every month – if your PPC budget drops, then your traffic and sales will drop as well.
  • Some searchers will never click on a paid ad – a certain percentage of search engine traffic is beyond the reach of PPC campaigns.
  • The day-to-day work of properly maintaining a PPC campaign is significant, requiring almost daily oversight.

seo might be best for your site if:

  • you're interested in building long term results, not just for today. For years in the future
  • you're willing to wait a few months for consistent results
  • You want to work on improving your site’s usability and regularly add content to expand your site
  • You want to maximise the amount of traffic your site can attract for the lowest cost

ppc might be best for your site if:

  • Your site is new or generating little organic traffic and you want to start getting traffic immediately
  • Your site is targeting highly competitive keywords that could take years to rank well for (shoes, jewellery, books, etc)
  • Your website was built in a search engine unfriendly platform and you don’t want to invest in rebuilding it
  • You've a large advertising budget and want to maximise all traffic channels
  • You want to be able to quickly test keyword and landing page effectiveness
  • You've a promotion that you want to be able to turn on and off at specific times

click to enlarge the infographic below – seo vs ppc statistics

seo vs ppc

Combining Both SEO &. PPC

SEO and PPC programs don't have to be mutually exclusive. It's very possible to combine both and see the advantages of each type of traffic generation while mitigating their disadvantages.

Source: http://www.ecreativeim.com/SEO-vs-ppc

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Google Local SEO
SEO for Google places involves optimizing local search tactics to get seen. the new Google search engine indexing involving local search engine preference over link status has left many SEO firms in a panic when clients see they are paying premium SEO and are now much lower in page rank. Yahoo and Bing local are also on the bandwagon with local searches occupying some of the best positions in rank within their algorithm. Local search engine marketing already has free servies which to optimize your local business with.Yelp,Citysearch, Yahoo local, Insiderpages, Yellowpages, healthgrades, vitals, Google places, Judysbook, Angieslist,TripAdvisor ,Edmunds ,Zagats.com Etc. Local Google optimizing starts with listing keywords to your local listing in Google places. Do not over emphasize your major target keywords as Google will only list it for a few days and then drop the listing slowly down. It is a temptation to over zealously list keywords in the title but if you are patient in your local optimization it will list you for many top keywords if you enlist a good strategy between website titles and local listing titles. If you list "SEO Columbia" the term may actually not appear as you are overemphasizing a small term in local search, better "local SEO company Columbia " Local Google maps is the same service as before and needs to same type of optimization. both video and multimedia all help rank the your local maps site.The links generated from local services and review sites all push your Google places to the forefront of search terms regardless of another website having thousands of links. Social media marketing also coincides with local search and things like facebook places will begin to link local services and businesses to respective first page results.

Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

Marketing forms the backbone of any promotional activity that takes place. To make a brand sell and to make it famous marketing is the most important activity that is needed to be practised. As such there are various conventional methods followed and there are certain new ones that have been trending in the current times.


Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing are two of them which have changed the face of marketing and have come up with new, advanced and creative ways to market a commodity such that the market goes crazy about it.


Out of the two most prevalent used practices both have their own pros and cons. When compared to each other email marketing has a larger say. The emails are more personal and give a one to one feedback. On the other hand social media marketing gives a larger perspective. Social Media Marketing involves reaching out to the masses all at once and that does give the certainty of each and every target being met.


Although the coming up of more and more social networking websites have increased the influence social marketing, studies reveal that customer acquisition via emails has quadrupled in the last four years and accounts for almost 7% of customer acquisitions. Organic channels bring in the maximum customers and other social media websites like Facebook and Twitter lag far behind in the race currently. No doubt the times are changing and people are becoming more social media friendly, the impact of emails have still not been negated and would not even in the coming future.


The reach factor of emails is still larger as compared to any domain. On the social networking websites a marketer can approach a number of users but the number of people who actually receive the message are very less. Emails are directly shot to respective email ids which gain a better reach and the number of hit eyeballs. Though the reach is more if we assess the two the quality of social media marketing will take an upper hand and be by far a better concept. Emails also provide a thorough professional outlook whereas status updates and picture uploads on the websites have a more non professional approach that is liked more by users these days than proper framed and soughted out mails.


Keeping in mind that both are equally important for a proper functioning of the marketing strategies, a marketer uses the pros of both the trending styles to his best capability which then deliver optimum and unique results. True, both are different from one another but somewhere deep down the line they compliment each other in a way that the coupled impact of these two processes will bring fruitful...

Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Campaigns
 Ecommerce marketing diverges from traditional website marketing. The reason behind this fact is simple – an ecommerce website has goals that differ significantly from the purposes of other web content. We also provide Web site Design, Social Media Marketing Online Reputation Management for Columbia, SC South Carolina web site design website developers e-commerce web development firm web design company web designer south Carolina Located in Columbia South Carolina we are a full-service web design and website development company Website Design Columbia SC Search Engine Business Listings Social Media marketing Google Facebook Yelp Twitter YP  local Business Pinterest Foursquare Citysearch. Online Reputation Management reviews for iphone and android smartphones as well as tablets like ipad and more. The online store or business is designed to make sales. It attracts visitors who are expected to become customers and to make purchases. To stimulate the transformation from readers to clients, the owner needs to come up with an appropriate ecommerce marketing strategy. Marketing strategies for ecommerce focus on products and their features. The emphasis shifts and content is no longer the focal point. Owners of ecommerce websites have several options when trying to establish brand reputation and to attract customers. E-mail Marketing Newsletter creation is one of the essential ecommerce strategy steps. E-mail marketing is usually very effective, especially if the content of the newsletter is chosen with caution. By subscribing, people are giving you access to their mailboxes. You can provide them with information about newest products, discounts, special offers and innovative features that the website has. Newsletters usually contain visuals and links that stimulate people to click and explore the website. Once they go to a certain page, they will probably take a look at similar products and attractive opportunities. The e-mail bulletin should be sent out on a regular basis without becoming boring. Weekly or bi-monthly newsletters will do excellent work. Ecommerce Website Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most cost-effective and long-lasting method to attract new clients and to promote an ecommerce website. The optimization should focus on the specialized niche within which the website is operating. It should also place emphasis on specific products. Tags and proper keyword selection will make it easy for people to discover the website when looking for goods and services online. Image optimization should also be considered. Image searches have the potential to generate traffic. All product visuals should have an Alt Tag that contains keywords and descriptions. Social Media Marketing When it comes to marketing, the power of social media needs to be harnessed. Whether the target is a text or a product, social networks can achieve the unachievable. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networks attract people from many countries, age groups and social statuses. Each business will be capable of discovering the right audience for its products through social media marketing. Social network ads, the creation of groups and website promotions are all viable options. Social media marketing is inexpensive and very effective. It permits for the inclusion of quality visuals and videos. People are more likely to make a purchase if they can ‘see’ the product. Promotions...
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