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DBL07 works with your business to understand your business goals and target audience in order to research, and recommend the best social platforms for your business! It doesn’t matter how obscure or boring you think your industry is, you can bet there are people out on the web discussing it!  The trick is finding out where these people are talking about your industry.  

Finding right platform can depend on a on a lot of factors including:  

  • Industry type (manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, insurance, non-profit, etc.)
  • Audience demographics (age, income, interests, sex, job position, etc.)
  • Whether the business caters to B2B, B2C, or both
  • Website’s functionality
  • Willingness of the business to invest in content creation
  • Commitment, resources, talent, budget and more.       

We provides services designed for your business and your budget

One-time  SMM Consultation: 

1.5 – 2 hours of coaching and consultation on the best use of social media for your business. Also, if desired, a brief overview of your SEO needs to help your website rank better in the search engines.

Call 803-479-7699 or email to set-up your Consultation.

Creation of a Social Media Marketing Plan:

This marketing plan will give you a detailed, step-by-step personalized action plan that includes three,1.5 hour consulting and training sessions for up to 4 people within your business.  Industry research for your business will be conducted, review existing content, and assess social channels.  Ideas for a solid web digital web presence will also be presented including a review of your website with specific modifications identified on how to best improve your website. This is perfect for a existing Marketing Team already in place or for an ambitious business that is ready to rule the social media marketing using inside resources:  (approximately 35-45 hours total project).  If you decide to utilize the our services for a Social Media Marketing Plan within two days of the initial consultation, we will deduct the One-time Consultation fee from the plan cost.

Call 803-479-7699 or email to set-up your Consultation.


Social Media Marketing Ideas an Hour at a Time:

If you want a review of your existing social sites and some on-the-fly recommendations, we can do that, too!  We provide the information and ideas ~ you take the notes, and execute the plan.

Our social media specialities include LinkedIn personal and group pages; Twitter, Live Tweet Chats, Flipboard magazines, Google+, Google Hangouts, Facebook Fan pages, Facebook groups, Facebook Events, Pinterest Boards, Instagram & more.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help your business rank better on Google and other search engines (mini-audit to full-scale SEO audit).  Personal branding and promotions as well as other Contests & Promotions. We can help design and execute UGC (User Generated Contests) so other people help to create your content!

Call 803-479-7699 or email to set-up your Consultation.

Social Media Channel Setup Fee:

The social media set-up fee is what you will need to get started maximizing your profile. This is a one-time fee for all platforms and includes 1.5 hours of consulting and coaching.

Review existing social accounts:

  • Create or restructure existing social accounts;
  • Develop brand defining summary of your business, that utilizes high-volume keywords
  • Utilize popular, industrial hashtags in the description
  • Create profile, cover and background photos using your images or other royalty-free photos;
  • Maximizes space allocations with the correct sizing and pixelation of images;
  • Include all necessary and relevant links, including cross-promotional links from other active social media channels.

Call 803-479-7699 or email to set-up your Consultation.

Social Media Managing Services:

Let our Team do all the social media marketing for you!  Depending on which platform(s) you choose, and the number of weekly messages deployed, our team can crank out a killer social media plan for your business! You can pick any Social Media Marketing (SMM) channel. What are you waiting for??? Receive a 50% discount on set-up for each channel that you let us handle.

** 6-month minimum

Call 803-479-7699 or email to set-up your Consultation.

Full-service Social Media Management Includes:

Channel Development:

Grow the reach of all accounts by number of likes, fans, views, followers, visits, etc.

Focus on a natural organic following:

  • Remember social media development is a marathon and not a sprint and it takes time to develop
  • Message Creation & Conversation Topics:  
  • Define a consistent voice and tone for your messages;
  • Messages will be designed to educate, inform, inspire, entertain, drive traffic and produce leads;
  • Many sources will be utilized to create these messages including but not limited to
    • Business website and calendars of events;
    • News and highlights about business, employees partnerships, board of directors, stakeholders, etc.
    • Historical and interesting information and stories about the business;
    • Magazines, blogs, websites; videos, infographics, slideshares, white papers, etc.
    • In-house printed materials;

Community Building: 

Social media is based on conversations ~ two-way communication; 

In order to have a good conversation—whether online or offline—you have to listen and respond to your audience; 

  • We will listen to your prospects and customers and empower you with knowledge about what your customers really want based on what they are saying.
  • Target dozens of followers each month to make friends:
  • Targeting users by location, number of followers, number of updates, industry hashtags, keywords in bios and in messaging;
  • Retweet messages and follow them;
  • Add Twitter experts to specific lists;
  • Leverage human’s natural desires for community involvement, groupthink, competition, achievement, status, altruism and more.
  • Loop people and businesses into your messages with +business name on G+, or @businessname on Twitter;
  • Consult on contests, blogger giveaways, and free products that have a thematic relevance with the brand being promoted.
  • Key Influence Outreach/Engagement:
  • Actively seek influencers and invite them to be in your network;
  • Follow, retweet, mention and engage key influencers and experts in areas related to your biz;
  • We will locate and connect with people that are involved in dialogue related to the interests of your business;
  • Leverage satisfied customers by turning these people into powerful brand advocates by engaging in peer-to-peer sharing and influencer marketing.

Reputation Management: 

  • All messages deployed will have a positive or neutral tone;
  • Any negative or sensitive issues discovered will be reported immediately;
  • Any questions or important content will be shared.

Publishing Times & Frequency:

  • Each channel has a preferred way to communicate supported by a different set of demographics, best type of message(s), and best times and days to post.
  • General industry guidelines will be followed for posting schedules as to which days are best and what time of day is best;
  • Google Analytics review can help determine this data;
  • Recommendations for posting frequency:
    • Twitter:  20 – 30 posts/week
    • LinkedIn:  3 – 5 posts/week
    • Google+:  3 – 5 posts/week
    • Flipboard: 4 – 6 posts/week

Hashtag Usage and Development:

  • Hashtags provide a way for people to search and group similar messages together.
  • Hashtags usage started with Twitter but now are used in most platforms:
  • LinkedIn (but not readily adopted); Google+; Facebook; Instagram; Pinterest; Tumblr; Flickr; Vine and even most search engines
  • Hashtags can be a rich resource for connecting and spreading content messages.
  • We will piggy-back on the success of existing hashtags.
  • We can develop new hashtags around your business

Monthly Reports and Analytics:

  • Measuring the success of your marketing plan can be the toughest of core activities but can be very valuable:
  • Many marketing initiatives are measurable but not necessarily traceable;
  • The smarter the tools, the smarter your reports.
  • We suggest adding Google Analytics (GA) including the GA Social Tracking Button to your website ASAP. GA will allow us to track visits, visitors, bounce rates, popular content, keywords and more.
  • Record new followers, fans, +1s, views readers & flips;
  • Number of messages deployed and articles added to magazine;
  • Feedback quotes from social networking sites;
  • Press mentions about your company;
  • Any noticeable gaps in available content will be noted in our monthly reporting.
  • This Intelligence may also be useful for the selection of content creation, direct mail and email campaigns content.
  • Did we see a spike of new web traffic, email capture or requests to connect on LinkedIn?

Social Medial Marketing GOALS AND OUTLOOK:

Provide creative ideas that will establish:

  • A consistent and memorable brand;
  • A consistent and memorable tagline;
  • Define and maintain a voice that matches your brand;
  • Increase awareness and perception;
  • Increase interest and consideration;
  • Increase your visibility and reach;
  • Increase ownership of relative social conversations within your industry;
  • Increase your company’s role in influencing decisions/conversions:
  • Which will ultimately lead to more traffic, inquiries and more sales.

Call 803-479-7699 or email to setup your Consultation.

  1. Increase your visibility and reach;
  2. Increase ownership of relative social conversations within your industry;
  3. Increase your company’s role in influencing decisions/conversions:
  4. Which leads to more traffic, inquiries and more sales.

Keeping Your Customers Buzzing Using Social Media

If your traffic has been less desirable as of late, try out a social media approach. Social media has assisted business owners in achieving success with their advertising efforts by utilizing a user-friendly form of content delivery. Check out the tips and tricks in this article for getting the most out of your social media campaign.

Answer any questions your followers respond and ask to comments they make to engage them in conversation. This will build a good social relationship with those that visit your site.
Tip Add a special box to your blog to give visitors access to the Facebook “like” function. This lets people “like” you at Facebook.

Twitter is an excellent marketing tool for your company. If you understand how to use Twitter well, thousands of new people can potentially see your business. Be sure to learn about various parts of Twitter, such as keywords and hashtags, before you start making updates.

It is important to used varied content to entice people to follow the social media marketing campaign that you are promoting. It is helpful to include product information that helps your readers imagine using your product or service in their own lives rather than a description of the product. Don’t get your customers to focus on the prices of your products- get them to think about how it’ll fit into their lifestyle.
Tip When utilizing advertisements to market on social media websites, you should take steps to make certain that the ads appear in locations on the website where they will get attention. When your ads are in bad places, then it makes it hard for you to get any attention from people, which can hurt your possibility of followers or customers.

This can let people “like” you on your Facebook page. Making things easy will make it more likely for people to perform an action.

Check what your competitors are doing. Pay your rivals’ social media profiles a visit to see what brings them success and what is not well-received. You could either try using a similar method or think of something they have not yet started.
Tip When marketing, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The more places you expose yourself, the more potential you have for success.

You should offer discounts and coupon codes to the people who connect with you on social networks. You can even make announcements and post them to your social media site.

Make sure you try using coupons and time sensitive deals to get buzz for your site. If they have a time limit to follow, people will want to make a purchase right away. This will also make your viewers more inclined to share info that you post.
Tip Run contests on Facebook. Many consumers will find the opportunity to win a prize for free exciting.

Gaining a large following on social networks necessitates more than just pushing your products. Try to get them to talk about your product instead of just putting it out there. Unless your business competes solely on price, be certain you also focus on other attributes of your product or service that illustrate the value of your product or service in a consumer’s life.

Look into what other businesses are doing on Facebook and see what you like about how they promote their businesses and use that towards creating your page. Study their design and content, and you’ll be surprised by the unique ideas you come up with. Create a page that stands out and appeals to users.
Tip Post a freebie or other exciting incentive on every page of your social media marketing accounts. If there is a chance of winning, most people enjoy receiving free things and will happily fill out a form or follow you on Twitter.
Social Media Marketing

Be sure to complete your Facebook profile. Pay attention when questions are asked or comments are posted about your business.
Tip A LinkedIn connection can greatly multiply the social media marketing impact of your blog. In order to get real results with minimal effort, all you need to do is fix a button to your blog allowing LinkedIn users to share it.

By using the advice in this article, implement social media marketing in your advertising strategy. Knowing that, it is time to get started on a social media marketing campaign for your company.

If your Facebook profile is updated frequently, your marketing strategies will be more effective. People enjoy finding fresh content when they visit a favorite site.

It is important to used varied content to entice people to follow the social media marketing campaign that you are promoting. You can even make announcements and post them to your social media site.

Now you can see how easy using social media marketing can be. By using the advice in this article, implement social media marketing in your advertising strategy. Knowing that, it is time to get started on a social media marketing campaign for your company.

Tip Create titles and headlines that are irresistible. So often, the only thing people can see initially on social networking sites is the title of your content.

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