Star Wars May the 4th be with You Movie Marathon

It’s no secret I’m a Star Wars fan, why else would I name my daughters Boba and Fett??! Ok, the wife wouldn’t let me go that far, but my childhood was shaped with the fun and wonder that came with the world of Star Wars.

ROGUE ONE Leaked Photo Boba Fett Kills Jar Jar Binks

ROGUE ONE Leaked Photo Boba Fett Kills Jar Jar Binks

So when the time came for me to share the wonder with my kids I wanted to do it right.  And let me tell you, I failed! them as their “Father” 🙁

Since they were born after George Lucas released Episode I, II, III and you can buy the whole Trilogy on Blu Ray nowstar wars dvd set


It seemed like the right thing to do to show them the whole saga starting with Episode I The Phantom Menace.  So that is what I did starting with 1 going all the way to 6 and I regret doing that.

It’s not because I’m a Jar-Jar hater and I don’t dress up and go to Comic Con so you may question my reasons for my regret because I’m not an uber purest.   But my regret came when we sat down to watch my favorite movie in the Original Trilogy Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.

As the movie comes to its climax and Vader chops off Luke’s hand, the tension is epic as Vader slowly approaches the young Jedi Luke to either deliver the final death blow or turns him to the dark side.  When Vader reveals the secret that HE is Luke’s father, I remember the shock and bewilderment that swept the theater as a young boy.  So when that scene happened for me and my kids, they all but yawned at the revelation that rocked my world!??

I believe it is because they saw Vader as Little Orphan Annie and not the ruthless Master of E-Vill that I feared as a young boy.

So Here is the Right way to show your kids Star Wars so they won’t go to the Darkside!

If you love your children, don’t do the mathematically logical thing and show them the movies in numeric order!

Parents put down the remote this May the 4th and think this through.  The best way to make new Star Wars fans is to show them in this order.

  1. Episode IV A New Hope
  2. Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
  3. Episode II Attack of The Clones
  4. Episode III Revenge of The Sith
  5. Episode VI Return of the Jedi

*Then if they want to see an Origins story you can show them Episode I The Phantom Menace. (Cause everybody loves origin stories these days!)

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