Termite Damage Repair

homeTermites can cause severe damage to your home. Unfortunately, most standard home owner’s insurance policies do not cover termite damage repair, which leaves the homeowner responsible.

Discovering that termites have invaded your home and caused damage can be an unsettling and worrisome experience. Luckily, enlisting the help of a trusted pest control expert can help you repair the damage and prevent future infestations.

Termites, beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and others are highly attracted to moist, rotting wood. These pests feed off of the wood and build their homes in it causing serious structural damage to your home.

Wood eating and wood boring pests are especially damaging to your crawlspace, where a lot of the structural wood is located in your home. These bugs wear away the protective coatings on the wood which leaves them exposed to moisture and the elements.

As they bore into the wood, the tunnels they create can channel water, humidity and mold deep inside the wood. This accelerates the rotting and breakdown process of your wood beams, posts, floor joists and sills. If these pests are left undisturbed, they will make quick work of wearing down your wood and leaving your home in danger.

Signs of Termite Damage

There are many telltale signs that your home has fallen victim to termites and their damaging tendencies including, but not limited to:

-Ceilings and walls that are buckling

-Water damage

-The presence of mud tunnels on your home’s foundation

-Wooden structures with maze-like designs

-The physical appearance of swarms of termites

Unfortunately, if you encounter any of these signs, this is an indication that the termite colony has been there for awhile and that they are thriving.

You may even experience some aesthetic damages that do not affect the structure or integrity of your home such as ruined carpeting, walls, flooring or furniture. Whether the termite damage you experience is aesthetic or structural, you should take immediate action to stop these pests before more damage is done.

Termite Crawlspace Repairs

Termites are most often found in the crawlspace of your home and it could be years before you are even aware of the damage they are causing. These pests most often enter your home through open vents leading into your basement or crawlspace.

A termite colony of around 60,000 workers can destroy and consume a foot of 2″x4″ wood in about four months. If you are unaware of the situation and don’t catch it soon enough, you could be looking at some serious damage.

Termite Damage Repair in Columbia, SC

The most effective way to solve a pest problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. However, we understand that these infestations occur and that you need professional services to help you repair your crawlspace and any structural damage.

If your home has been damaged by termites, our team is ready to help you restore it and help keep pests away for years to come. We recommend annual inspections to identify and ward off any termites or other pests before they have a chance to do damage your home and to ensure that your investments are well-preserved.

Give our team of termite experts a call today to schedule your termite damage or crawlspace repair! Cayce Exterminating is the best exterminator in Columbia SC! We offer home pest control and commercial pest control in Columbia SC, Cayce SC & Lexington SC.
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