Social Media Marketing

With the use of online social media network tools, like Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, & Twitter, businesses can receive a large wave of traffic to their website all at once, or steadily increase loyal viewers over-time.

Both aspects can significantly increase business in a great way! Of course, making sure your website or blog sends the right message is extremely important. Here are three simple benefits that businesses can expect from using social media marketing online to improve their situations.

Extremely Low Costs

Social Media Marketing, or SMM, will be inexpensive in comparison to real print, radio, & television advertisement. Many of the online tools are completely free. Therefore, your business should not expect to pay Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter to keep a profile, group, or “like” page posted. Once your page is created, it will be up to you to keep your information current, tweets-tweeting, and Facebook page active!

Advice: Focus on joining one or two social media networks. It can be chaotic attempting to harness more media outlets. Messages can get mixed up or confusing to your future or current clients. Create a group page on Facebook and try to gain followers by consistently posting social events, product updates, or daily specials.

Potential Viewers from Search Engine Optimization

Using Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, a well-written blog post or a stunning YouTube video can receive thousands of viewers instantly! Within minutes, a viral online post can travel around the world and with that potential, your business could explode with potential customers! If your mission is to build a steady customer-base, an active social media profile can bring hundreds of Twitter & Facebook followers within a few weeks.

Additionally, the more your message is received and reposted, the more back-links to your website there will be. More back-links means your website and businesses will gain rank on search engines. And the closer you are to the top, the more business you will receive!

Advice: The more focused a message, the better search engines will receive and index your articles or blog posts. Pick a few keywords or keyword phrases that are specific to your niche. For instance, if you own a dog kennel, try to create an article or post about loan mortgages specifically in your area; “loan mortgages in Wheaton, IL.” Google will index your article under “loan mortgages in Wheaton, IL.”

Therefore, if someone searches “loan mortgages in Wheaton, IL”, your article will rank higher than an article about loan mortgages in Naperville, or Chicago.

Stronger Ad-Influence

Traditional advertisements are becoming boring and skipped over, even online. Customers are looking to connect with the business and the products that they buy, and not buying from a faceless entity.

Therefore, creating an social media network profile will give your business a personal touch, where customers can connect with you and your staff. This connection will make your ad campaign much stronger, as those personal connections will offer the fire for your steam engine!

Advice: A good rule of thumb in business is to do what you’ll say you’ll do. This is crucial, even on an online social media platform. Don’t create an online group page for your business if you can’t keep up with it. You may receive a customer comment or worse – a complaint, but not see it for days because you did not set aside time or staff to keep up your page. The longer a complaint waits, the worse it will be for your business.

This rule holds true with the influence of your ad. Don’t create an exciting coupon offer, without being online to help customers get that offer. An ill-prepared presentation will do harm to your reputation.


Social media networks or social media solutions are excellent low-cost alternatives to normal print or conventional media. With a strong, consistent message, your business can harness a strong ad campaign bringing in swaths of new customers!

Learn how to use social media today and bring customers to your business tomorrow!