People always had the notion that the color white pertains to something good. That can also be applied in the principles governing how white hat SEO is being used. Technically speaking, white hat search engine optimization is geared towards producing the projected website traffic from the websites and articles rich with keywords. Moreover, this is being done in marketing approved methods which do not in any way sacrifice the overall quality of the website and articles as it pertains to quality of the context. It also do not put readers in probably jeopardy while accessing websites.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

White SEO involves the use of accurately described meta tags without abusing the density of the keywords. It also does away with irrelevant content or off topics remarks which are only being used to become fillers and make the articles appear longer though without credible content. White SEO also involves closely monitoring popular search engines to ensure that your website or articles get high rankings whenever specific keywords are used.

And just as white pertains to good, black also pertains to the bad when it comes to search engine optimization. Black hat SEO also operates on the premise of receiving high rankings when being searched by search engines and in effect generating high website traffic. However, black SEO makes use of all means possible to achieve these purposes. What black SEO is only concerned with is their own face in the middle of the internet marketing game but they may not always have the intentions of helping search engines produce credible results for internet surfers.

Among the most infamous methods used in internet marketing specifically through black SEO is Spamdexing. The method works by promoting various products ands services which are highly irrelevant to the information otherwise needed. Spamdexing hides the façade of keywords in order to lure in viewers. Moreover, it also contains spam websites which flood the search engine results although they do not deserve the rankings. In effect, readers are left with nothing but useless information and the search engine which they use may also gain a bad reputation because of black SEO.

It is actually easy to spot a white SEO from a black SEO. White SEO generates slow results because it builds good reputation first from its readers. On the other hand, black SEO will offer quick website traffic generation but it could also lead you to being banned from search engines on the internet. With white SEO, you may not notice profits coming in quickly but you will receive good recommendations which will eventually cause profits to steadily progress and pour. Meanwhile, black SEO would only give you a stream of profits for a limited time—until your website gets removed or even worse, banned.

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