(PRWEB) February 25, 2008

Bradenton, FL For Website owners and Webmasters alike, the SEO Engine(TM) has developed a Search Engine Optimization Engine(R) which reveals the inner workings of a Search Engine. The SEO Engine(TM) is itself a Search Engine, and its open approach to Search enables everyone to optimize Websites to compete in this highly aggressive market. Traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is somewhat of an untamed frontier where “you never know what you're going to get” in terms of results in Search Engine rankings. Those attempting to improve their continuously fluctuating position on Search Engine results are tempted to believe that there is a 'magic' key that will unlock secrets to ranking high. To many, seeing what a Search Engine like SEO Engine(TM) sees is that 'magic' key.

The SEO Engine(TM) removes the guesswork from SEO with its extensive data and user-friendly features providing users with simple solutions to complex problems. With the SEO Engine(TM) users become part of the Search Engine and are able to navigate through their Website. Snapshot Views are located at the user's convenience throughout the SEO Engine(TM). Users are able to view a cache of the Webpage that they are optimizing by simply clicking on the camera icon next to the feature that they are using. The SEO Engine(TM) clearly highlights the areas in question, allowing the user to quickly identify and accurately make changes to the Webpage as required.

Many parts of the SEO Engine(TM) are open to the public. Everyone can access SEO Engine(TM) Webpage features for free by entering the desired URL into the SEO Engine(TM) Search Bar. The SEO Engine(TM) provides powerful suggestions for any Webpage on the Internet. The more extensive Website features are available by registration with subscription. SEO Engine(TM) users will find the latest in Search Technology, but unlike any other solution, this technology has been placed in their own hands. The public can now capture the mind of a Search Engine, and direct this knowledge into building a more optimized, visible, and profitable Website.

Detailed information about the SEO Engine(TM) and its features can be found by visiting the following link: http://www.SEOengine.com.

About The SEO Engine(TM):

SEOEngine.com has developed the world's first Search Engine Optimization Engine(R). By opening up Search and allowing the public to view the inner workings of a Search Engine, the SEO Engine(TM) is proving its hypothesis that the distribution of accurate and easy to use information to the public will lead to a better more organized Internet — benefiting not only Websites but Search Engines as well.