It is possible to improve site accessibility, functionality and usability by implementing some tips for website development and design. The job of web designer and developers tend to be unclear at times and the terms are exchangeable as well. It will be helpful if there is clarity between the designers and developers. The designer will focus on the aesthetics and the developer will focus on the functional aspects. Both of them plays a significant role in creating sites that look great and at the same time, is easier to navigate as well.

Here are some tips that will help to design a user friendly website:

  • Compatibility across different browsers: There are plenty of browsers available now like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. A firm for web design in London will make sites that displays properly in all these browsers. The web developers will ensure that all the visitors have a great experience regardless of the browser made use of.
  • Easy navigation facility: If there is one feature that makes the visitors hit the back button very fast, it is the navigation feature. The developers are deft at creating a balance between usability and visual appeal. It is vital to create well-developed site architecture. One way to maximise usability and accessibility is inclusion of features like tab navigation, vertical navigation or not more than three different navigation levels.
  • Optimise the site speed: Sites must be optimised properly for speed. This is critical for Google’s bot when ranking a website comes under concern. Statistics show that if a site runs slow, the visitors will spend much less time on the website before pressing on the back button. There are different strategies of accomplishing it like optimisation of cache, minimisation of request, optimisation of browser rendering and its likes.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices: With more and more people making use of portable devices, it is becoming essential for site owners to ensure that they come with a mobile friendly site for website. This needs a different approach to page design but the firms for web design in London is deft at addressing this need. Developers here need to consider simplified navigation, minimal image usage, mobile speed and optimum speed.
  • SEO or search engine optimisation: The chief role played by developers lie in ensuring that a given website is search engine optimised and is friendly to search engines like Google. Optimisation includes techniques like creating sites on a SEO friendly website, installation of search engine friendly content management system, tracking results through Google tracking and ensuring addition of robots.txt file, optimising images and creation of folder structures rich in keywords.

A renowned organisation for web design in London is sure to make use of these strategies and thereby come with a highly productive site that is liked by both the visitors as well as search engines alike. A well-qualified developer and designer is sure to deliver the best ever services possible. Just ask for recommendation and go through all available credentials in order to avail best service.