james bond 007 Road Race

James Bond 007 Road Race Slot Car Set By AC Gilbert

Vintage Sears James Bond 007 Road Race 1965 Set By AC Gilbert

Goldfinger 007 Playset

I found this awesome Vintage Sears James Bond 007 Road Race 1965 Set By AC Gilbert Company at an estate sale.

But the set didn’t come with the original cars.  So I tried to figure out what size car I could run on track and I think the original was 1/48 so I’m going to use 1/43.

Since I’m thinking about upgrading cars I thought I would go ahead and make my own slot cars to represent The Best car chases from Bond.

  1. Dr No Sunbeam Vs. Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible
  2. Goldfinder – Convertible Mustang Vs. Aston Martin DB5 + Goldfinger Rolls Royce
  3. Diamonds – MUSTANG MACH 1 Vs. Old School Cop Car

So what do you think I should include?

james bond slot car aston martin blue

007 Road Race

A.C. Gilbert manufactured road race sets using the scenic panel format. Gilbert Autorama slot car track was mounted on six 17 x 17 scenic panels just like the All Aboard Train Sets. Included were scenery items such as mountains, highway signs, a fuel tank, guard rails, and small plastic trees that were also used on All Aboard. The theme of this set was James Bond 007 and included the infamous Bond Aston Martin DB5 and Mustang Fastback Slotcars. This set as shown in the pictures below is listed on pages 446-447 of the 1965 Sears Christmas Catalog and originally sold for $34.44. In the pictures notice how the box resembles All Aboard with its “Completely Wired-Landscaped-All Ready To Go” wording. The 1966 Gilbert catalog lists three versions of these race sets, an oval, figure eight, and the deluxe set as pictured here. This is a very collectable item from the last days of A.C.Gilbert.

The track was based loosely on the alpine chase sequence in the film Goldfinger (1964), this type of James Bond 007 Road Race set was initially sold exclusively by Sears in 1965 (the peak of Bondmania). Manufactured in Portugal by A.C. Gilbert (Inventor of the Erector Set and largest of the 007 licensees) the road race retailed for $35.00 making it one of the most expensive toys available for Christmas. Sadly, Sears insistence that Gilbert miss neither the Christmas rush nor the 007 hype proved Disastrous: The poorly designed track seldom worked and most were returned. Gilbert, who had doubled their staff and invested a fortune in tooling, went bankrupt. It is understood that a good many sets were nonetheless refurbished and resold through other retailers both domestically and overseas.

007 James Bond Gilbert 1965 slot car race course that consists of six main molded hard plastic sections to be snapped together and held by thin metal contact rails in the racing slots of the track. Assembled course is 34 inch x 51 inch and has very colorful and scenic basic layout including lakes, rock formations, etc. which are enhanced by addition of two plastic mountains (when assembled, the highest mountain is about 10 inch tall). Course is a modified Figure 8 complete with elevated ramps, underpasses, tunnels, banks, tilted curves, oil slicks, etc. Comes with many small accessory pieces including signs, fence sections, trees, fire extinguisher, fuel tank, etc. Comes with pair of 3.5 inch long slot cars – James Bond’s Aston Martin and a Mustang. Aston Martin has pop-up bullet shield on back. Both are Exc. Comes with 2 control units with James Bond foil stickers, original power pack and original detailed instructions.

I need help! I want to be able to 3D scan this old car and it’s parts and then 3D print them. If you know how to do this, please contact me!



Here are some Great James Bond Collector’s Websites I have found. If you know of another one I missed Let Me Know