VR Trip To Walt Disney World

I saw this awesome 360 photo on Facebook of Main St decorated for Christmas and it got me thinking… What if the Disney Imagineers built an RC robot with 360 Go Pro cameras and they filmed every inch of the parks. Going into gift shops, going on rides then you could experience the entire park like you had it for a private party. As VR is taking back off think of the potential!

I have on my bucket list visit all the Disney parks, but what if I could download a park to my PS4 for the price of a game $69 and I could visit anytime I wanted. Then you could use PS4 camera to do a body scan of you and your family and you could all go into the parks together, online from anywhere in the world!

Would you buy a truly immersive experience like this?

Want me to make this a Reality? See how you can help here.

Originally posted 2016-11-09 10:53:08.