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SEO Search Engine Optimization

Everybody wants to be #1 on page 1 of Google search results, but it takes a lot of work to make sure you stay competitive and your business can be found. We can help your business if you are just building your site or if you already have a site and need help with local SEO. We build all our sites with SEO in mind, the site is optimized for on-screen SEO and incorporates the best practices for optimizing page load speed. We work hard to boost your organic rank within the search engines like Google Bing or Yahoo.

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Social Media Marketing SMM

Nothing gets a customer in your store like word of mouth! But today word of mouth has changed to “Word of Type” or even “Word of Thumb” Facebook, Twitter, Blogging…Does it all sound like an alien language? Or Maybe you just need help coming up with a great social media marketing strategy. Don’t worry

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Website Design

Do you LOVE your website? You should! If you are looking for a great looking website that has all the core SEO stuff to get you to the top of search engine results, then you are in the right place! We can help build an awesome website for your business or update/refurbish/renovate your outdated websites.We can get your website looking great and connected to modern tech like smartphones, social media like Facebook, Twitter and more.

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Mobile Website Design

All of our websites are 100% fully responsive and look incredible on all devices. So if your customer is searching for your business on their smartphone like an iPhone or tablet, your website will look great! The website will “Shrink” or “Respond” to the size device so the don’t loose any great content.

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111 E Main St Suite D

Lexington, SC 29072


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Give us a call to get started 803-479-7699 or Email US

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Website Design Columbia SC

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Scott & Sandra Faggart

Owners Creative Beginnings

DBL07 Consulting and website design built my company a web page that put us ahead of our completion. He connected our company to Facebook, Google+ and yelp. (Review from Angie’s List) Member Comments: Great experience. This was our 4th attempt at getting a quality web page that worked and was connected and when someone googled anything that pertained to our business that we would be easily found. Mathew not only did all those things for my web page but did it professionally. He gave me dates when each step would be finished, he called to check in often for any questions we might have. He also met with us on different things we could do and try at no extra charge, The price was great for everything He did and the timely manner in which He finished. He still checks in with us once a month to see any updates to keep us current. If I have a question even about something he returns my call very promptly. Customer service is awesome. I would rate this company a 5 star and would recommend to any one looking to build or update a web page that will put your company first before your competition. If you need a website defiantly give him a call!




At DBL07 Consulting & Website Design, we are incredibly flexible, and we build your website exactly how you want, using creativity and design targeted for your consumers.

See the FAQ section to answer some of your questions.

Why DBL07?

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  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Search Engine Optimized Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing Connected to your website
  • Unlimited Colors + Image / Slideshow / Video background options
  • Dedicated Support
  • Local Business
  • + So Much More!

Make Contact

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

007@DBL07.co 803-479-7699

DBL07 Consulting Locations

“Find a Website Design Company Near Me”

Columbia SC Web Design Firm Irmo Lexington, 227 Hearthwood Cir, Irmo, SC29063, United States – Phone: 803-479-7699 Fax: Rings Email: 007@DBL07.co

Downtown Columbia, South Carolina
Website Design Tampa FL, 400 North Ashley Drive, Tampa, FL 33602




Find a Website Designer Near You

As DBL07 continues to grow we hope to have a location near you to take care of your business needs.

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What People Say About Us

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DBL07 Website Design Columbia SC is focused on Great Design, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Responsive Websites.