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Working with Matthew was an amazing and easy experience. I am a business owner in Lexington SC and wasn’t happy with our old website. Matthew was super helpful with suggestions about ways to attract clients and listened to what I was aiming for in terms of style. I feel as though no matter what direction I wanted to head, that Matthew would be right there with me with great ideas and style. His turn around is also amazing. he is on top of it, you Rock!!! Where to begin! When my husband and I first started debating when, where, how and why to change our website we struggled with the decision for a million and one reasons! We met Matt Rings and decided to at least talk with him (maybe we could come to some conclusion with his help!!!) After talking extensively we knew that if and when we decided to change things Matt was our guy. We have already begun working with him and everything to date that he has done for us has been incredible. Much better than I could EVER have done on my own and he has been so helpful to not only produce such an amazing product but to explain everything to us in such detail!!!! We are extremely grateful and couldn’t have asked to work with a better designer for us! THANK YOU DBL07!!!!!!!! I think the thing that impressed me the most about working with Matthew is I didn’t feel like he was trying to sell us what we didn’t need. He understood our goals, our audience, and our reason for our website refresh and he customized our site to fit our needs. Also, he was extremely helpful (while at the same time patient) as we went through the process of creating content. I love being able to refer folks to our site and actually be proud of how it looks.
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