A Great Website Has a Clean Website Design

A clean website design is simply a website that is easy to navigate and use. Each menu needs to be clearly defined and make browsing the site a natural process. No one wants a confusing navigation system. If you are selling multiple products you’ll need specific categories for each product and sub menus so visitors find the information. If you are using advertising on your website from other sources this must fit seamlessly into your website and not distract your visitors. Pop-up banners and flashing advertisements are just annoying for people who are looking for specific information. You must keep the advertising on your website to a minimum or at least make it fit into the site. Use colors that are natural to read and white backgrounds are usually best if it’s a business website. The days of fancy colored backgrounds are long gone. For a personal website the design is whatever you want it to be but a business sit needs to look professional and be a clean website design. Other nice features include picture and video descriptions of products or services. Most websites now feature these and your site needs them too.

Website Important Information

A great website also needs to include as much information about the company or what you are trying to provide. People need to know who you are and an email or simple telephone number just won’t cut it. You’ll need to provide a full address so people can find your physical business and a bit about your company history is also a nice touch. The whole idea is to make your visitors feel welcome when they visit your website. For a site that sells products you need to have faqs, shipping information, payment polices, and how people can order from you so there’s no confusion. If you provide all this information so it’s easily accessible your visitors won’t be asking you routine questions that the website can provide for them. One idea is to have a toll free number a customer can call and ask a question or provide a chat support system directly on the website. 

Website Design Tips

  • Keep the website design clean and make the experience enjoyable without flashy advertisements or graphics unless you feel these would benefit your visitors.
  • If you don’t know what you’re doing hire a professional to get the job done right.
  • Always keep the site updated and offer newsletter or email subscriptions to engage your customers
  • Chat or forum features are always nice touches to a website since it keeps customers on the site talking about your product.
  • Don’t rush the design; think about what you’re doing first before you build the site.

Website Planning Takes Time

If your company isn’t online or you want your own personal website give it time and don’t rush the process. You’ll be better off if you do the website design properly and figure out exactly what it is you want to achieve. Be sure to hire a professional if you need help with the design and implementation of your website on the Internet.