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United States 1 slices North Carolina down the centre as it makes

its method from Wise, simply over the northern perimeter, to
Rockingham, 10 miles southern Caroline border.
Skirting Raleigh,.

Path 1 journeys via lots of small towns, like Colon,.
Lime Springs, Whispering Pines and Niagara before the.
Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve and Fort.
Bragg. The surface here is gently rolling environment-friendly hills.

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A couple of additional villages prior to Rockingham and afterwards you.
cross the State perimeter of South Carolina.

Surroundings abounds on Path 1 in South Carolina between.
Cheraw and Columbia, featuring the Carolina Sandhills.
National Wild animals Reserve.

Forested hillsides with this area supply wonderful.
scenic sights and there are a couple of picnic areas where.
you could take pleasure in a break from the driving. As in North.
Carolina, US Path 1 bisects the South Carolina.
through the centre.

From Columbia, in the centre of the State, to Augusta,.
just over the Georgia perimeter, lie more villages and.
gently rolling hillsides.

Merely north of Graniteville lies the Sumter National.
Woodland, a historically important place, particularly.
during the Civil War. US Path 1 leads you through.
Augusta, Georgia, house of the Augusta National Golf.
Program, where famous golfers play the Masters every.

If you’re dying to see gorgeous Hilton Head Island,.
take Route 25 from Columbia and sign up with I-95 southern to the.
exit to Hilton Head. It's fairly a lengthy way. For a.
golfer, it’s time well invested!

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